Sunday, April 13, 2008

Easter (a little late, but whatever)

For those of you who thought our family went inactive in the blogging world, NICE TRY. We're back and, yes, the last ones to publish Easter. I didn't even notice these pics until I was posting Tal's birthday. It's a bit much, but since we had two baseball and one soccer game, we were a wreck and were lucky enough to squeeze in a ten-minute egg decorating session. What now? Who knows. Ethan and Emma are like Peas in A Pod. I have never seen such heavy duty siblings. But whatever. Ethan's hearty "V for Victory"; Emma's business (Little Miss Bratty Pants...)
Me (totally red hair...don't worry, it was cut and sun toned). After my successful soccer game against Number One in state (aka, we're now officially number one!!!) I scored 2 out of our 4 goals, and won 3-4. What a victory! Normally, we have our three strongest players out was late and the other came with an injury. We still won, though! PS I am one of the three strongest, believe it or not. Like my eggs?? LOL
Little Miss Drama decorating her "princess and Dora the Explorer" eggs.
Easter Sunday

Tal's B-Day

FINALLY TEN!! We got this double-digit boy on camera! Happy birthday, Tal! It's awesome to see you at a final destination (hopfeully Mom doesn't "make his stop growing"...that's embarrassing!)
Tal on his new underwater skateboard - despite the fact that both Tal and I have Ripstiks and won't be needing this (yes, we both got Ripstiks - mine is red like Audrey's and Tal's is blue like....Tals??). Anyway, it's called a Subskate, and is supposed to be "the best underwater skateboard"...we tried this sucker on the beach and we aren't exactly friends with it anymore...not that we ever were, but there is nothing you can do about crazy cheap toys that advertise for big money but never work. It's ok, though, cuz we both got boogey boards and the thing makes you float in the kiddie pool :)
Tal's baseball cake (tried this thing ten years ago and the kid cried so hard you couldn't see his face - we were just lucky that he likes baseball)

He's not singing (thank goodness, otherwise we wouldn't be here today). He's "casually" licking his baseball batter candle. ANYWAY:

He had a great birthday and we're glad he's so wonderful. Have a fun time being double digits!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Caught working (Blackberry works just fine on the beach)

South East veiw from Condo deck

Ethan and Tal

Ethan's sand chair

A little pool time

Sunset on the beach

View from our condo

Evening walk on the beach