Sunday, May 30, 2010

New York New York

We went to New York 3 weeks ago with NO kids...
I am so moving there when I am a legal adult :) The Metropolitan

McDonalds! We didn't ever eat here....

texting on the Subway!

Our limo :) we had a limo! It was so tight

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forgive me....

I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore, but in case you're still out there and you still have hope in us, I beg you to come back to us! A few simple updates, in case out there...

1. Addison made the cheer squad! 6am practices...lovely
2. Tal and Ethan both started baseball and ended their basketball seasons
3. We are planning on putting in a fence and a yard in due time!
4. We spent all last week in New York with the four oldest members of our family (: great fun!
5. Great Bea passed away. Although it's hard to think that she's gone, we're glad to know that she is with her husband and they are happy.
6. Isabel is almost a year old! Only six more days!
7. Emma had her dance concert that she has worked for a year to perfect!
8. Addison plays the piano for two singers who are going to start recording albums
9. Tal just recovered from a fractured wrist
10. Ethan has now memorized EVERY Michael Jackson song and knows every move to every dance.
11. Emma is learning how to do a black handspring from her sis. Could do without the constant complaining, but she's progressing somewhat.
12. Isabel can crawl up and down the stairs finally! At nearly a year....concerning much?
13. Addison's choir took first place at State Festival, and they were the youngest performers
14. Talmage has advanced in his piano!
15. Ethan is now the closer and the pitcher for his champion baseball team! A little superstar!
16. Emma is now a legit gymnast (: in her world
17. Isabel is nothing but cute love and laughter!

If you bear with me, almost everything will be documented! I've been sooooo busy recently that it's unbelievable, and now that summer is near, I am thinking that I'll get back to my blogging career from the past. I'm thinking of unprivatizing the blog anyway...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How sweet? I never even imagined!

Christmas Season 2009

December 23rd, live nativity. No joke, this is the highlight of my year.
Jace, Nate, and Tal - the wisemen Grandma plays host to the family Christmas cookie party. It is a yearly tradition that I've been in since birth, and even before that, ever since Melissa was born, I bet. We all decorate cookies!
Ainsley and Emma

Me and Sierra at grandma's cookie party. You are never too old to decorate cookies! A little cousin bonding experience, right?

Christmas day! Emma got a trunk full of pretty princess dressups, and huge gymnastics mat! She got tons of other gifts, and she deserves them all!

Such a messy order...
The live nativity that the cousins do. Such cute kids :)
This was the first year that nobody forced me into doing it. I sat out. I sorta regret it, because it's pretty much my life since birth.

We all got intense presents.
Tal renewed himself with a DS, the "new" updated kind. He lost his almost a year ago and we haven't made any plans to replace it, since it was his fault.
Ethan is psyched about his marshmallow gun. He got some really NICE presents so to see him so excited about one of the more contemporary things is good - he's classic.
Isabel got baby toys. Such a treat?
Emma got her gymnastics mats and some dressups.
I got Photoshop, and iTouch, and 2 designer jeans, and a Juicy track suit. There wasn't just ONE present that I loved. There was too many. Yeeah! :)
Merry Christmas to all! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

Happy birthday to me!

December 12th was my birthday! I had such a great time and a fabulous party!
On Friday, December 11, we all slept over at my house. We went and saw The Blind Side at 9. I am not even kidding, that is one of the best movies ever made. If you haven't seen it, you better kick it! Go buy on DVD when it comes out. Since we lived in the south I could really relate to the characters and the stuff that happened. During the time that this all went down we were actually living in Georgia, which is very alike Tennessee...
Afterwards we went to my house and stayed up ALL NIGHT laughing, talking, hypnotizing each other, pulling pranks on each other, and stabbing the sleepers with plastic swords. Who knew? At 6:45AM my mom came in and ruined the fun, but that didn't stop us! 7:30am was when we actually fell asleep. How refreshing.
We ate Belgian waffles and I got lots of nice things.
Aly LaComb is my best friend since birth (literally), and Kira and Hannah Butterfield and Tara and Kaitlyn Conlee are people I met in seventh grade that I absolutely adore. Thanks girls!!

drumroll.... the house!

I didn't get the basement or the upstairs, but I have just the openeing and entryway. Ta da! On the right of the picture is a hallway leading to Isabel's nursery, dad's office, and some storage closets. On the left is the music room, with no cieling. Which is great, so you can hear music through the whole house! Mom's Viking kitchen. These pictures were taken in the midst of Christmas chaos. Our house is usually very clean (like today it looks really nice).
Entry view - the stairs and the living room. We have tons of our Christmas stuff boxed up so don't judge us for being messy.. not our fault!

Please come stay! We have a spectacular theatre room which has played host to about every bowl game in football history, and we've had 6 full on parties since we moved in, which has been just under a month. It's awesome! And yes we have a wonderful guest room just waiting for you, Corie.
Thanks so much for all those who prayed for us. This would've never happened without family support.. we're so grateful for you!

St. George Nov. 09

Forgive me for the lack of posts. I doubt anyone will even look at our blog. The holiday season has been really exhilarating and we've been extrememely busy, so now that it's out of the way I can catch up.
Before Thanksgiving break, we went to St. George just for the heck of getting away from reality. I'll admit that it was a surprise and a very last minute thing, but I'm glad we went. It was fun.
We went on a hike in Zion that took our breath away. Everyone was stocked on food and had a lot of energy. It was a two-mile round trip hike and turned out to be very inclined so you can imagine how sore our legs were.

We also went to Hungarian BBQ, which turned out to be a hit for everyone, but especially Ethan. We went back and saw our old crappy house!
We lived there when Ethan was born and going back I never realized how tiny and inconvenient it was. We were listing off neighbors houses' and laughing about stories. Good experience.