Friday, October 16, 2009

Baptism Day/ Birthday

October 10th, 2009 was so eventful- two wonderful special things happened in one day.
First, it was Dad's birhday. Happy birthday! I won't put your age up here, even though you're really not that old! Secondly it was Ethan's baptism. He had a wonderful time and we're glad he made such a great decision!

Nice job boys!!

Happy belated birthday Lewis Ethan!

To my E-Man... its's been almost two weeks (see how behind I am?). Just want to let you know that you are the light and joy of our lives at the family comedian. Hope you had an awesome bday! PS... he is 8. It's pretty much tradition to give scriptures on the 8th birthday. Ethan has been so excited to get these - he was even more happy when they were the same color as Dad's!

Later that day, Ethan took some buddies to Jump On It. Cameron, Quinn, John, Tal, Max, Sam, and Taft. They had an awesome time and loved coming back to the house to eat lemonade ice crea pie (which was pink..not so perfect for the occasion considering it was a boy's birthday, but none of the kids cared- the cake was sooo good!)

He also got a DS- Tal's was stolen a few months ago (at least we think so) and Ethan has been on hands and knees begging for one. Right when he got it, he offered to share with Tal. What a nice brother!

Happy birthday, Lewis! You are one stud brother!