Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics, Olympics

Aw, the Olympics. Getting better and better as the days go along. Nothing better to watch. Since we just got our cabel installed last night, we've missed out on pretty much everything but the opening ceremonies and gymnastics. I was desperate. We went to Kristen's to watch Gymnastics, but got there early and had the opp. to watch diving. Suh-weet! It was so cool to see those tricks. It must be SO much pressure. US was in 2nd, when all of a sudden Russia and Germany kicked them out. Actually, they were tied for first! They obviously didn't think much of it!! Poor Chinese thirteen-year-old girl doing gymnastics did two AMAZING tricks on high bar in a row-- two releases!! In pretty much two half-seconds!! Fell right down. And Nastia Liukin, whose graceful routine was doing great until her dismount, where she skidded back and fell, right in front of her father/coach. Poor girl must have been dying. Tonight I am SO going to dvr Shawn Johnson winning the gold and Micheal Phelps going for it. This is the most involved Olympics I have ever watched (mostly because last Olympics was four years ago and I was only barely eight). But I am going to keep on watching! How about you?