Tuesday, June 10, 2008

California (Screamin')

Emma and Rachel in Seaworld . After all the walking, though, these two tired ladies got to sit down and relax. It was such a thrill to go to California with the entire rally we call the Lamb Fam...be prepared for more pictures and more shirts...
Group Pic...(there's a lot of us) Nobody really counted, but this is the troupe that came to Cali. Thanks Lizzy and Chris (Chris, thanks for teaching my how to surf...that was the best EVER). Lizzy made this possible. Everyone who came had a great time and those who didn't we're sorry you couldn't come but we'll see you in two years (hopefully less...). It was great. Totally worth the thirty-six-hour drive (for us...)
Emma and Olivia "diggin' around"... Emma refused to get into the water, so most of the youngers spent time in the black sand on the beach, which was still way too much fun. Building sand castles, "brigades", and digging for sand crabs and seashells . . .nobody got hurt on the rocks (that's a blessing, honestly).
Family picture (black&white) Us on the rocks, courtesy to Suzanne, since our camera is pretty much AWFUL. But the cool shirts (I warned you, did I not?) and the high, scary. heavy rocks made this vaca the best.
(Back-Front, L-R) Chris, Lisa, Scott, Sam, Rob, Tal, Max . Those brave enough to take on the Journey to Atlantis...of course I went, don't be silly!!! You cannot walk out of Seaworld without being driven onto that ride, with the family we're in ;)
Me on the boogey board - Oceanside, California . I also took a surfing ride with cousin Audrey (below) and other cousins, Talmage (brother), Dallyn, and Zach. But the mastermind behind all this, of course, was Chris. Couldn't have done it without him!!
Addie and Audrey (best of cuzins!!) We spent time together twenty-four seven and we spent every night on the far couch by the big window, woke up together to see the dolphins and six am EVERY MORNING, and we spent every boogie boarding wave together. If that's not best of cuzins, I don't know what is. :-)
Ethan and Seth (classic...) These little troopers were elected captains on a beachfront baseball game right after the family pictures. Seth and Ethan are two years apart, btw. But they are so cute together and this picture just HAD to be taken, while the little pros worked it out on the hard sand before high tide. Go, team!
Cuzin picture on the pier (about a mile, maybe a tad more, away from our beach house) It was great to walk to the pier. all the kids were enjoying the people all around catching squid, fish, and tiny makarel, ect and people all around were going "whoa, nice big family you got there". We'd laugh and say, "this isn't even one-fourth!" But hey seeing dolphins up close and personal was pretty AWESOME.
Walk to the pier (Emma, Lisa, and Rob) Totally the best California vacation you could ask for. Nothing better than some realy-big-family quality time on the beach. Nice and cozy, and totally fun!Walking to the peir was great, though, because it was a Hollister-town city and everything was what you'd imagine. Way to go, Lizzy, for the awesome vaca!!!! Do it again in two years, PLEASE.

California...and pretty much screaming!!!! It was a totally wicked awesome vaca for the Lamb fam, thanks ONE MILLION PERCENT to Lizzy Rigby for the FABULOUS reunion. She worked so hard to make it great, and IT WAS. Everyone enjoyed the pics, the boogey boarding, the dolphins every morning, and places to sleep...EVERYWHERE. It was great. Pictures are courtesy to Suzanne, and her Magical Camera. We also went to Seaworld, and a chunk of us went to the USS Midway.