Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We've been facing a *tiny* problem.. with - yes - **Emma**

No, no, not a problem.. actually, quite the opposite! More of a.. hmmmm.... stage.

The Drama Stage......

If you have younger children at the age of about 4-5, you have either encountered or are soon to encounter this stage.

I warn you.. be careful what you say.

But that's nothing. Emma's always been a drama queen. What awakens us, (or, well, me) is the faces and expressions!

Don't beleive me? Well, then, go right ahead and take a very close look.

Exhibit A ~ Cheeky, cocky, bratty, prissy, popular, self-centered, full of herself. (It's the best!)

Exhibit B ~ Angered, frustrated, *not-getting-her-way*, unenthusiastic, or her normal face :'(

And finally, .. Exhibit C ~ Excited, motionless, leaping inside, our little princess.

Did I not tell you? Well, if you see the signs, just remember:

I warned YOU