Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I'd like to comment on the approving Sunday afternoon we recieved today. We went to church, which is almost always set in stone, then came home and prepared a lovely meal that we would be sharing with our beloved Lamb family.
You may or may not already have the pleasure of knowing this, but once every month the McGhie's get together and are served delightfully at Kristen and Roberts. Everyone prepares a course of food and everyone picks and grabs at whatever may be in sight. Yum!
So, since a small portion of the Arizona-skinned Lambs transfered to Utah, we decided to bring up this tradition. Today was the first day of business.
Mitch and Nicole brought their adorable curly-haired daughters, Arden and Susan, along with great food, as well as Steve and Ali, with cousins Dallin, Audrey, and Camryn. We gathered our rally and brought over our portion. Suzanne and Scott hosted our little family affair, while Tal and Ethan partied hard with Max, Sam, and Dallin. Emma was ecstatic to play with Rachel and Arden! No worries, Suzy! You will soon have a cute new baby cousin to play with! ;)
For me, food was one of the best parts. A tasty main course of delicious meat, and pressure cooked mashed potatoes to start off left me begging for more! Alongside and very fine-looking spinach salad coated with scrumptious Brianna's poppyseed dressing, and strawberry salad drowned in marshmallows and all those yummy unhealthy things ;) Suzanne's incredible rolls made the meal as tasty as can be, with Grandpa's all-famous Crystal Light 'n' Sprite drink, courtesy to Steve and Ali.
To finish off the meal we were served ice cream cake that tasted so good! I warned Ali that next time I come to her house, she better have some prepared for me! ;)
I love family get-togethers - they really highlight my week! Well, I have no school tomorow! I love you all!