Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wonders of America

Our Nauvoo trip to see Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Jerry was a full-on success! It was fantabulous!!!! They are doing great in their mission and having a wonderful time!

The St. Louis arch was a cool one. Although we didn't step out, these stuck-in-traffic-so-trying-to-get-best-pic-from-car-window picture wasn't as great as hoped. But oh well. It was still cool.

Talmage's birthplace - a stop in the two-room, condo-sized, too-tiny townhouse from 1998. It's so freaky! It's in a totally ghetto area, and I didn't realize how gangster-invested area it is! It's the 'hood'!

Our three wonders of America were actually pretty faithful. First stop - Nauvoo, Illinois. You can say that thirty-two hours from exotic, woodsy Alpharetta, Georgia (on the Southern coast, bordering the Atlantic)to the harmonic, beautiful landscape of Oceanside Califnornia was the end of it, but no. We stopped to see our old-old house that Ethan and Emma never knew of, only to learn that the people living there have seven kids. WOW. Well, that's our adventure! Til next time!