Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Powell Pix

My New Look!

The before shot - a little of this, a little of that...not a single scissor to my hair since January! It's crazy and awful! So when I got it cut, I thought it was new and ASTONISHING!!! Thanks!

I got a haircut - and though in this pic, you can't see, I got low layers. I love them, courtesy to Lizzy Rigby, a FABULOUS hairdresser who my mom and I's hair when we went over there. It was great to chat with her again and see her before we left AZ. She's a great aunt, and LOVE her family so much - they are so blessed and so wonderful. It's great to see them. Chris taught me how to surf, and London is so great and I love to be with her because she is just so girly and flirty and fun for her age. Lizzy is so unique and her hair styling is so interesting. I just love to talk to her becuase she is so fun. They are blessed to be having a baby boy soon, and we love their family. Thanks for the haircut!!

Summer Styles by A&R

Model proffesors, Reyna and I created A&R (I still haven't passed this on her record...). It's us modeling for suave summer styles, like short shorts and flowy shirts that are reasonable and comfortable. reyna and I are staying together in Kristen's house, which is the PERFECT setting for all of our needs. Here's our cool pics from the photoshoot. Please tell us how they look - good or bad?

Did we mention Emma's a model, too?

Camping Kids (and adults...)

We DID do the camping experience. Family bonding is SO COOL. We had a great Fourth of July weekend with the Mitch-Nicole Lamb fam, Steve-Ali Searle fam, and Scott-Suzanne Rose fam. What a hoot! We had QUITE the gang. We got pictures that you might have seen on Mitch and Nicole's blog, but we did tons!!!

The four-wheeling extravaganza, the Emma and Rachel Phenomenon, the fun firewood hunts with my dad, Rob, the s'mores we roasted, the GREAT peach cobbler, cherry cobbler, fried chicken, potatoes, and monkey bread/donut holes we ate. Everyone made it FABULOUS. Everyone had great fun, and all of Mitch's wonderful jokes at the fireside made the world crack up. We're all wonderful examples to kids.

Anyway, it was really WAY fun and we want to go next year, so INVITE US!! (no force in there...)

Lake Powell Pics

Aw, Lake Powell. Nothing like it. The breeze, the wakeboarding, the beautiful cliffs . . .take me there once and I am an ADDICT. Let's start off with some new accomplishments, shall we?

Talmage learned how to wakeboard. I learned how to go outside the wake ON THE WAKEBOARD (thanks to Aunt Ali and fam, I am already a wakerboarder) and come back in with survival on my first try outside the wake. Brave Tal gave it one try, but he will someday meet my standards.

The two-minute challenge: Reyna and Addison. A tube - a normal tube - placed behind the propeler of a boat, off you go at 120 MPH, and Crazy Drivin' Robert takes you on a spin. The ones who survive longer on the tube wins the "two-minute challenge". However, if you make it to two minutes, you are succesfully crowned legal to brag. Last year, ole' dad took it off at his own personal record of seven seconds - what a hoot! After that, I wanted so eagerly to try the two-minute challenge. I got my chance. Go into 1:38 record distance time, Reyna and I began FLYING. We flipped over and that ended our journey. Who can beat us? NO ONE. That's what we thought...

Jeff and Spencer are a threat. They beat our time by a mear twelve seconds, with 1:50 time. No legal bragging crown, but by their enjoyment, a victory; a success; a smirk here and there, but no body slamming and angry torment.

Our cliff diving experience. . .this is quite the story. It may not LOOK high, but folks, once you get up there, it's killing you. Of course, CERTAIN people decided to take the 40+ feet coute DOWN, which was probably the scareist thing in a persons life. It's like saying, "So, should I die hard, or . . . die hard?" It's a one-answer quiestion. And after those CERTAIN people jumped, we all were begging and pleading to go home. It was literally terrifying. I wont say names, just in case CERTAIN people are reading this blog (you're welcome, guys) but I was killing to go up and jump off. I want to go SO BAD.

The picture with the people in it sleeping on the houseboat floor of the kitchen/living room/dining room is QUITE FUNNY. We were houseboating in a NICE NICE houseboat (hence, Robert and Kristen's luxorious family fun center) on the roof. It was a nice night - lightning striking at a reasonable distance, no thunder heard, when the STRONGEST, tornado-influencing blow of wind woke me up. TERROR. Being in tornadoes, hence when we lived in the South and Midwest, tornadoes were daily. Hate them so bad. I am ALWAYS prepared. So, I quickly shut down THAT idea and picked up my belongings and trucked downstairs, where Kristen and Robert situated me comfortably on the kitchen floor. That's the beginning of our problem. Next came Caroline and Reyna explaing the wind was picking up. Soon, it started rainging. I light rain - about two people came down. Then, we heard strong hittings of rain. The last three up there were Rob, Marty, and Jeff. Save our souls. No, wait, save theirs! We had to practically FORCE them down, where we slept that night. Yep, that's family bonding!

The picture of the four "boat jumpers" are me, Reyna, Ainsley, and Spencer. It was so cool and so fun. That's one of my FAVORITE pictures. We'd go sliding off the back of the houseboat on the slide, and Spencer, my dad, and I think Marty jumped off the side of the houseboat. I was pretty scared.

We relaxed, wakeboarded, made string bracelets, and did other, and it was so fun and SO COOL. We went last year, but this year we went with a whole new group and that was exciting. Talmage caught about 100 frogs up in the canyon, and we jumped over these big black holes about 10 ft. deep and walked back far in the canyon. We swam at least a half-mile through the canyon (so refreshing!), went on ABOVE AND BEYOND CRAZY jet ski rides, had cool dance parties beyond comparison, ECT.

It was great fun! Thanks!

What We're Leaving, and What We're Gaining

Are you insane? Am I insane? Is this the biggest houseboat/water hotel in the world? COOL.