Thursday, November 27, 2008


1. The Gospel. I realize that not many people have this book in their lives.
It has strengthened my life SO MUCH!! I love it!! 2. Pianos. I have taught myself to play Apologize by One Republic, Love Song by Sarah Bareillas, 100 Years by Five for Fighting, Saturady from Chicago, Clocks by Coldplay, and Wintersong by Sarah McClachlan, and You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift, all on the piano by ear. It's so fun, but can be stressful. Oh well

3. Nature. Like...beaches and stuff. I truly LOVE the beach. I like Lake Powell a little bit more. But we are some of our only family members to go to a Florida beach, since we used to live so close. I love the waves, the sand, and OH it's just all so fun!!

4. Family. I love my family so much - they have such a great spirit and are so darn funny! I actually do love coming home from school. Not just because I hate school - but also because they are kind to me (and I can always expect a nice batch of cookies almost EVERY day!)