Monday, October 27, 2008

Movie Reviews: HSM 3

Keep in mind, this is my opinion. Maybe my opinion that I shouldn't really post for, BUT.....
It was kinda dorky. I mean, Zac Efron is still sort of gorgeous, but the music selections were somewhat dorky. Like "Boys are Back" and some of the other songs were so random, first of all, and really kind of just out there. Not well organized. But otherwise, the script was good. They didn't have as talking, though. SOOOOOO, if you are looking into seeing it, I guess you can. It's fine. But HSM 1 and 2 defeated for sure :) It was too "cheesey Broadway"...oh, well! A movie is a movie and it sounds like the last one and I am not sure if we will be owning this one. But whatever! Thanks a ton, plus.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

UEA Wonderfulls Weekend

We don't have any of our own pictures to support the event (that is, even if we did, we wouldn't be posting for another seven or so months) but we made the ever-faithful journey to break off this five-day schoolbreak to party hard at "The Canyons", which is located in Park City, UT. On Thursday and Friday, our family got in the car alongside the Neeleman family (cousins) and went down to stay at the hotels. They got a hotel located right in the front and we got a condo further back. The stay was well worth it. Except being halfway through your drive and screaming, "Mom, did you bring the camera?" turned into a tiny hysteria. Otherwise, who cares?? But while sitting there you suddenly see an AF Football shirt go by and you end up screaming your other cousins name. We saw Dallin and Cami in Park City!! It was really funny, since Audrey had called me the night before the party with her, and I ended missing the wonderful event :( but seeing Dallin and Cami and their friends was pretty funny.

Some of the events from our trip resulted in: the arcade (I personally HATE arcades...just a matter of money, time, and scary people walking around with serious looks on their faces -- blech -- it makes me sick.) But when you walk in and see your cousins AGAIN you laugh. Well, I do.

Also, we went swimming in the pool, which needs some cleaning according to Katie and I. We kept on finding peices of hair strewn about, along with nasty yellow colored bubbles in the hot tub and dead wasps. SICK!!! But it was relaxing and short-lived, but really fun and we talked about life, school, etc. The basics.

Stunting in the hallways of the hotel is just so much fun. Hallways in hotels are MEANT for running up and down. I personally love the carpet texture, quick feet....OH, I miss the days when you could run freely through and about. But two kids from Ethan and and Jon's class were there -- NOT twins, either -- those pranksters went knocking and running. I stopped them. I hate getting in trouble for stupid pranks. UGGHH!!!
So, Katie and I, with the loving support of her sister, Rachel, did stunting in the hallways. Since the ceiling isn't too low, we only went to first floor (not even that) but cradled her anyway. She is so light!!!!! Thanks, Neeleman family, for inviting us to such a party!!!

But we're not done. Afterwards, a little devasted from such a short day, we hit the Childrens Museum in downton SLC. I saw a girl from my school there and my parents saw some guy with his kids and this lady and her people come and go and then come again. While my mom took the little kids to the Childrens Museum, my dad and brother and I hopped across the street to the Planetarium. I haven't been there since I was about seven!!! It was cool to "re-see" the place and we were pretty involved. We got to wander for free. Afterwards, we hit the cafe place and went straight to shopping. Well, my mom and I did. We went to Hollister, Abercrombie, and Aeropostale. We got "some" things that are going to be Christmas gifts or maybe my birthday gifts. You never know what you'll get!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment and enjoy the rest of your UEA weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lamb Family Photoshoot

This was last years Christmas card, if fimilar. It was a great photoshoot and we miss those orange Georgia leaves!! :( Anyway, here's the evidence. Proud modelers, that what we are!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you believe it????!!!!!!

Here's my say to the story: I woke up on Saturday late in the day thinking it was about 9:00, because through my window, there was no sun. Assuming that it was early, I went back to sleep. About two seconds into laying there, I hear a high-pitched, "ADDIE LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW". I turned down the offer and tried to fall asleep. But those brothers are restless and whether or not you're snoozing to your hearts content, they have no caring whatsoever because THEY NEVER SLEEP. So you might as well just go from one in the morning to, say, about 6:45.
So, long story short, they stormed in and took me to the window. Joy.
But instead of storming off in distress, I screamed. Why?? Because....when you wake up to this, you have no choice but to freak your insides out.
For me, this is just the beginning. For the boys, this is heaven.
I, for one, can wait until AFTER Halloween.
These boys say they want it now, and forever. Just go move to Alaska.
Here you are!!!!!!
Well, whatta you know?? Life has surprises.....little ones, big ones.

This is what kind of "beauty" everyone wants to wake up to on a Sunday morning, right? I am taking this pitures from the inside. There's no way I am going out there...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Abouts: Lewis Ethan

Since Ethan's birthday is today, I thought we might as well tell you seven things about this little hunk that you may not know:

1. His life is revolved around playing baseball. Seriously. His dream, his direction, and his motive is pretty revolved around the spectacles of baseball. Of course, you can't deny his inevitable love for all sports, but if I were specifically going to pick out one, it's baseball. When we were in the South, he was trained by his brother, who is continuing to raise him in a baseball world. He ended up pitching and striking out nine-year-olds, and once a eighth-grader. He is very, VERY competitive.
2. Camping is one of his favorite activities to do. Whenever we announce a camping trip (one that we aren't hosting, because of course, we are new to the whole "camping in Utah" thing...just wait!) he is the first one in and out of the car, and is always ecstatic about fishing, riding four-wheelers, playing baseball....ANYTHING! He just loves to go camping, and is always the first to call the tent.
3. He's short. Very, very short. When he was younger, we got him tested and took him to numerous doctors because of his small size. He is still pretty short for his age, but is continually growing and isn't afraid to face people taller than him. For such a small guy, he's got a HUGE heart and competitive streak.
4. He loves Stars Wars and Indiana Jones. He's obsessed with seeing and watching the movies, getting the action figures and toys that go alongside. For Halloween, he's going to be Indiana Jones, something we aren't sure how to dress through.
5. He's really good with kids. Whenever he sees a little baby or toddler, etc, he always asks to hold them or is very nice about playing with them. He turns into such a sweet little boy whenever a kid's around. Although he is one himself, he somehow turns a light on inside his heart and becomes such a great, cute little baby-sittin' boy.
6. He is fast. When I say this, I mean just a tenth of a second behind Talmage...which is crazy insane! For his age and height, he can beat whoever you want him to. Weightlessly flying through the air. That's our E-Man!
7. He can't take a loss. So that's why he's a winner.
We love you, Lewis! Happy 7th birthday!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where Did Time Go?

This little studmuffin is seven years old....where on Earth did time go?
Thanks, Michele!

Happy Birthday, Lewis Ethan!

To celebrate being Seven on October 5th (tomorrow), Ethan and his cousins, Sam and Jon, partied hard at Jump-On-It along with Tal and Max. The Rose boys, the Lambs, and Jon Neeleman are three great kiddos! Afterwards, they hit McDonalds and... well, just see for yourself.

Serious Jumpers

The Slide Masters

The Wedding

This defines our group...well, that only looks like half the McGhie grandkids, but oh well. It's still a picture.
If this becomes our Christmas picture, don't be surprised :) I looked and thought, "Hey, that's a cute picture!"

The cute ladies chilling out

Nick and Heather got married....FOREVER AGO!!! But sorry I am slow. At least I posted, though!

Pedi Cure Everything

Here's our lovely footies - this is going backwards. Sorry.
Here's a small portion of our rally. It's not over, yet. Aw, I can feel my toes tingling again!!

Yes, that's my leg. I wanted a manicure, too, so I HAD to have one...I was the only one who got one, but no one can turn down a pedi!!!

Here's our group (L-R: Kristen, Liz, Me, my Mom, Melissa)
Thanks, ladies, for the wonderful mani-pedi date!

Makeover Time!

So...let's play a little game of "What to Wear...On Your Face" or "Two Years Older" my mom would call it. We were plucked off the streets by luck to be pretty. Hopefully that's how it'll stay. I think it probably will :) In this picture, we're standing taller, smiling more, and AHEM look way better. Why?........
The before picture...

This might have happened in August, but when Reyna and her good friend from Russia, Aleona, were in town, we went to the mall to kick off my seventh-grade makeup approval with a little Clinique makeover at the South Towne Mall. When you start someone in makeup, I totally suggest this is the way to begin. Keep that in mind!