Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Phones!

I'm on hunt - a hunt to find my perfect dream phone. Don't get me wrong - the phone I own is in fabulous quality and is well worth my time (that one's for mom :)
But I'm stumped. If, by any luck, I'm given an oppurtunity to purchase a new cellular device, of the three Hot Shot Phones for Spring, which one is divine enough for me?? Really, take a good look...
A) uhh..I think this phone is pretty cool - I like the shape and effects and it has a great shine and slide to it. In a slick, black-and-silver combination, it's a highly intelligent "modern" phone and comes with offline GPS and side affects that are very thrilling. Plus one for that!! :D B) this neat, black-n-green quality side slide phone includes an exclusive ball system to control the movement of the cursor on the phone. The digital package includes a thrilling, high quality camera with GPS nav, and is AT&T's "second generation iPhone"...possesing many of the networks that the iPhone shares. The difference is that this phone is NOT touch screen.
C) This slick, slider phone with the stunning appearence of a BlackBerry and the slide of any regular slide phone formats a business-like classical movement - it is a very elegant device according to its looks and it heard to be its own second generation phone, a combination of BlackBerry and SlideTech phone. A perfect match.

Cast your votes!! Which phone should I own?? After you guys can hear me out, maybe I can talk my mom into this ;)