Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mothers Day to all! I just want to emphasize some of the great things about my mom, this being her last day of pregnancy!
--she's strong. Through all the tough times, and the times when all we had to hold onto was each other, she's been the rock through all of it. I will say that she isn't the laidback mother, and consists on getting things done ASAP, but I admire her will and strength and her desire to raise a righteous family in the Gospel. There have been extremely tough times, especially recently through her pregnancy, but thru it all she refuses to a) let her children see her cry, and b) show weakness. I have a great amount of respect for the way she treats us and how strong she is.
---she's beautiful. Her power and grace in how she accomplishes tasks is ultimately beautiful. She shows effort and takes care of herself to allow beauty to be enticed, or invited in.
----she has worthy values, both spiritually and thru her motherhood. She shows a leading and valuable example, and encourages us every day to live up to worthy standards, as well. She expects: a clean home, a family thriving on the Gospel, every room filled with spiritual existence, and laughter and smiles. Without her constant urge to become better and a more spirit-led household, we would not have values to live up to.
-----she shows love to her husband and children. Not that she doesn't show anyone else love - she does - but being her close, inside family, she tries to make our purpose on Earth visible to us. I've heard that "it's a mothers future that makes her children bright"... I have come to realize that my mother does that to us. Her love shown is bright, and invites us to participate in a lively, freeing future. We look forward to the climb with every step counted. The love that she shows her husband is clearly undeniable - without him in this world, we would not be here. To make up for his presence, she shows a limitless amount of love and compassion to everyone - friends, family, and strangers alike.
------she is willing to make sacrifices for her children and family members. I owe a great deal of respect to her for possesing this value. It's not everyday that you see compassionate family members making everyday sacrifices for their loved ones. But what you see in my mother is different - she makes sacrifice look easy and painless. She enjoys feeling the spirit so much, that she is insistant on making sacrifices. I respect that highly.
-------she brought us to the earth. Each one of us in this family was born to loving parents that appreciate our company and make us feel welcome.
She has said before, "you'll never love me as much as I love you." I can't wait until I'm a mother to see what's it like!
I love you Lisa McGhie Lamb! You're the greatest!
your family