Monday, July 20, 2009

Bumbo and Belle

We have finally got Isabel on enough head control to take on the bumbo seat. Rock on. So far, she is liking the chair with the exception of only sitting peacefully in it if the tv is on. However, it is starting to grow on her. This is her first experience in the bumbo chair- as you can see, it's not going so smoothly. Not yet, at least. We tried to get a smile out of her. But she acted like we were the mafia.
Ah, still no dice.

Someday, Izzie!

Isabel's lullaby

I play Bella's Lullaby for our little Belle (we don't call her bella- but it would fit anyway!)
There are two versions for Bella's lullaby- the movie version, and the almost-movie version. Both are great songs and fortunately I can play them both on the piano. Luckily, Isabel listens to them both and only falls asleep to those lullabies. It's great to see her appreciation for music at such a young age!