Sunday, July 5, 2009

Izzie's blessing

Such a beauiful blessing for such a powerful, beautiful little soul... officially named Isabel Ann Lamb (without controversy) Her father gave her such a touching, sweet blessing.

Thanks to all who came to support our little angel. She did great and the Spirit was felt strongly in the meeting.

Lamb Family 09: Heber Valley Reunion

This Independance Day weekend we went to Heber Valley to have our last family reunion before Kyson leaves for his misson. It was so fun- more of a relaxing trip, but well worth the time and effort. We stayed in a HUGE cabin (two stories high, and two stories deep=four floors altogether) that had 8 bedrooms and a nice layout. It was a really adventurous trip!

Below is me and Hailey on our last day. She said to Sarah, "hey, mom, can i get a picture with Addie?" I love this girl! There was the foursome that always stayed together-

Lizzy, Emma, and Rachel.. we are missing Arden in this picture :-(

The little girls in the hot tob. This became quite a hit after it was opened.

(Hailey, Lizzy, Emma, Rachel)

We saw a ton of animals hanging everywhere throughout the house. The main attraction (or I guess, the main scare) was the bear in the front room. I'll post that in a moment...

Nate and Chelsea got the master bedroom. Personally, I'd hate to be in there! There was a small cougar overhanging their bed. Nice pair of eyes to watch you in your sleep...


A little more of the huge bucks in the game room...

Me, Morgan, and Hailey put on a little "preschool" surprise for the younger girls. Audrey had singing time and a puppet show, and I was the secretary and the desk clerk and helped them sign in and set up. They had a great time, but it was extremely difficult to keep their attention. We lasted 10 minutes before they ran their seperate ways.

A bunch of little kids attempted to set up traps to catch the dozens of squirrels (I mean, dozens) that wondered around the backyard. They tried everything- empty soda cans, boxes, duct tape.. their attempt was the only thing that seemed to work. Their success...didn't. But it's okay. They had a jolly good time setting up their traps.

Such a beautiful world we live in...

L-R: Aunt Lizzy, Chelsea, Audrey, Ali, Chris, me, Nicole.

We played round after round of Nerts, and in the end, team Addie and Nicole striked victorious. Well played, team!

Mitch and Nate made such an effort to get us out there before we say goodbye to Kyson. It was so much fun- everything, even the endless rounds of pool and air hockey; the delicious home-cooked meals; the kayaking on the Uinta Overlook; Kyson's hilarious fall and Mitch's fear of cold water; and all of the intense games that never failed to impress.

What a vacation indeed!
We had the entire gang there night 1, but missed out on Mike and Mandy, and said goodbye the next day to Matt and Corie and Katie and Tom and their kids.

All in all, two thumbs up.