Monday, April 30, 2012

Emma is 8!

I can't decide if it's sinful or not to post her Baptism pictures before the big day, and especially before my mom has had a chance to look at them... but on the contrary, it was fun to get my little sister all dolled up for her baptism pictures.  
I remember the day I was baptized when I told my mom, "I'll be sixteen when this baby is eight, so can I drive her to her baptism?"  And both my mom and I have not forgotten that, so I am very excited!
Today is Emma's birthday.  We took these last night. 
 Baptism is May 5, 2012.

 The two baby girls! Our favorite little princesses!

They're kind of grainy and filmy on Blogger.. I'm not sure why  The enlarged images look better.  Hopefully that's just the website.

 Although Emma was kind of a pill, they turned out great.  We love you Emma Elizabeth, and we're so proud of your decision to be baptized!