Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nauvoo, IL

We've taken a wonderful vacation to Nauvoo, Illinois to visit our grandparents, Jerry and Marilyn, as they continue as missionaries in Nauvoo. They worked hard, and we've already seen their Rendezvous play and we're going to see the Sunset on the Mississippi...Nauvoo is such a wonderful place! Enjoy... Grandma learning her song on the ukelele for the Sunset on the Mississippi, which turned out to be a more successful thing than we thought. It was busy and fun and the boys did a parade. Grandma really works to impress the crowds, and it's funny becuase it is a wonderful place to stay.

Grandpa preaching the Gospel at the Seventies Hall . We learned so much there and at Lands and Records. Grandpa does a great job at whatever he does in Nauvoo, and he is such a friend to those people. Way to rule, Gpa!

Grandma and Emma at the Mississippi River . It's crazy flooded there now, and where they are standing, the water would be up to Grandma's shoulder at least, and Emma wouldn't be in that picture. Glad we came when we came.
Grandpa working at the Family Living Center making a barrel! You can make barrels, bread, candles, rugs, and ropes at the Family Living Center, and it's so fun and it looks so much easier than it is :( but it's awesome and totally worth it.
"Emma's rock..." at the Mississippi River , which, if not mentioned before, is totally flooded. Emma wouldn't let anyone throw her rocks. She'd get fussy and throw it on the ground, pick it up, and yell, "Get away from my rock!!!" She has attitude problems, but hey she's a sweetheart and we still kinda love her :)

Us in front of Hyrum and Joseph Smith statue at Carthage Jail . Such a spiritual experience and a great place to go and learn about the JS Martyr
Inside the Seventies Hall at the potium , right where Grandpa taught. We loved how clean and in tact it was and how funny the picture was. (look close and you see a coupla frowns and scrunchy faces)
Emma reading the signs creatively (in her own words...hysterical) on the "Trail of Hope" . She would start talking about how shoes should never be orange or something, and then she'd say how Dora found the city of lost toys...pretty entertaining, if you ask me!
Down by the Mississippi river taking pics and skipping rocks. Enjoying the company of others, as in each other, and playing NEAR (strict orders not to go "in") the water, and looking for rocks to try and skip. Talmage was labeled the "skipping master"which totally fits.
Tal's turtle (it looks like a rock, but it's a cute little turtle...HONESTLY!!) Talmage was looking at this "perfectly smooth" rock in the water and shouted, "Look, I found a baby turtle!" You can't see, but it's got an amazing pattern on the "belly", and it's really cool.