Sunday, May 30, 2010

New York New York

We went to New York 3 weeks ago with NO kids...
I am so moving there when I am a legal adult :) The Metropolitan

McDonalds! We didn't ever eat here....

texting on the Subway!

Our limo :) we had a limo! It was so tight

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forgive me....

I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore, but in case you're still out there and you still have hope in us, I beg you to come back to us! A few simple updates, in case out there...

1. Addison made the cheer squad! 6am practices...lovely
2. Tal and Ethan both started baseball and ended their basketball seasons
3. We are planning on putting in a fence and a yard in due time!
4. We spent all last week in New York with the four oldest members of our family (: great fun!
5. Great Bea passed away. Although it's hard to think that she's gone, we're glad to know that she is with her husband and they are happy.
6. Isabel is almost a year old! Only six more days!
7. Emma had her dance concert that she has worked for a year to perfect!
8. Addison plays the piano for two singers who are going to start recording albums
9. Tal just recovered from a fractured wrist
10. Ethan has now memorized EVERY Michael Jackson song and knows every move to every dance.
11. Emma is learning how to do a black handspring from her sis. Could do without the constant complaining, but she's progressing somewhat.
12. Isabel can crawl up and down the stairs finally! At nearly a year....concerning much?
13. Addison's choir took first place at State Festival, and they were the youngest performers
14. Talmage has advanced in his piano!
15. Ethan is now the closer and the pitcher for his champion baseball team! A little superstar!
16. Emma is now a legit gymnast (: in her world
17. Isabel is nothing but cute love and laughter!

If you bear with me, almost everything will be documented! I've been sooooo busy recently that it's unbelievable, and now that summer is near, I am thinking that I'll get back to my blogging career from the past. I'm thinking of unprivatizing the blog anyway...