Saturday, May 30, 2009

Awards Ceremony: Soccer: U13 Champions

Top Row: Addi Black, Jessica Jensen, Coach Brooke Thulin, Ally Forshee, Hannah Madsen
Second Row: Sophie, Kennedy, Hannah Dehlin, Annie Deere, Courtney McDaniel, Hannah Georg
Bottom Row: ME AND GABI :) :) :)
Brooke giving me my award. I got MVP Offense :) thanks Brooke!

Us with our awards (Addi, holy cow!)

L-R: Addi Black, Ally Forshee, Me, Gabi Israelsen. Gabi and I were totally hyper the entire time, but in this picture it was me and Addi who gave my mom creeper looks. There was soda and the party! I couldn't resist! Haha :)

Soccer: U13 Champions

My soccer season just ended :( It's been great fun and I had a wonderful experience playing with such AMAZING girls! Better yet, my coach was and still an incredible coach and player and she pushed us and made us really good this season. I'm proud of my team and all the girls and I will miss you guys all this next season for whoever isn't doing Utah FC! I made the team and will be playing up U14. Here's some action shots of my last game. It was close and I scored a goal, and it was sad to say good-bye to the team..for the day :(

Love you all!

Dance Concert

Emma had her first ever dance concert on May 16th. She did great on her two cute dances, Thumblina and April Showers {both classic Diz songs!} The whole gang came, including Izz and Aunt Kristen! Thanks so much for coming! Emma enjoyed the support. Getting ready to dance with cousin Jessica Neeleman. Great job girlies!