Sunday, April 19, 2009


Although here there's no solid evidence I went to Arizona, I'm telling you right now how idiotic I was just to forget that I brought MY digital camera along and didn't bother to crack it open until I unpacked. But then it was too late - I was back home and my only option was to forget about the event. How sad? Yeah, I know :(

However, Arizona was no mistake. Audrey and I packed up, bought tickets, and choked up some extra cash within four weeks to fly down Ar.i.zon.a! For most the trip, the weather was great, apart from some nasty wind that whipped up some minor dust devils... ack!! The plane ride? Okay, I guess. Normal, no movie, get your drinks, sit by a mysterious stranger, enjoy the psychotic "view" of the window, while sneaking obliged handfuls of Tropical Flavored Skittles (Audrey insisted we sit closeby emerengcy exits on both plane rides.. safety first!!).
I'll go through our daily events a little slower. We got into the airport at.. 7:20?? About.. then we were met up at security by grandma and grandpa. Audrey and I embraced them both, expressed excitement, and made our way to baggage claim. After picking up our suitcases we got in the car and hurried back to Grandma's. Moments after settling in, the long plane ride came back to me and I snuck into the bathroom. Sitting on the counter sink were two neatly approachable baskets: one labeled "AUDREY" the other labled "ADDIE"... here are the contents, which included: a neatly descriptive letter from grandma and grandpa, facial mas bar, two razers, a small deoderant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a small chicken box filled with large jelly beans, a large pack of Ice Breaker mints, and a small bag with lotion, shower gel, and perfume all with the scent of Warm Vanilla... mmmmm :)Day 2 - sun shining through the slats on the large window, and nice, light dainty room (smells like summer out there!) with the sound of sprinklers outdoors. Perfect. Glance down on my phone for a brief moment, only to realize that, of course, I stuck to Utah time. 6:30 am?? These people aren't joking! To get a good start on my day, I woke up and got out of bed alongside Audrey. Us two went out in the kitchen and were welcomed with a delightful breakfast (along with Grandpa's ultimate treat, donughts). The morning went by quickly. We watched Fried Green Tomatoes with grandma and got an early start on our day, by dressing up and hitting the malls. 8:30?? Wednesday? Puh-lease! School in session, and Audrey and I hitting Santan for some partying! Here's the verdict: two shirts for a screamin' deal at Aeropostale, along with bermuda shorts 50% off? Really? Heaven on earth - we just got a bargain! We met up with Lizzy and her darling kids, London and Everett. Can you say a.dor.a.ble?! Psh!!
That night we went to mutual with Abbie and Zach and Jake. Thanks guys!! :) :) I'll just skip ahead a few days to Friday (yeah..I'm really skipping events here!) Although the older girls had school, Alex and Sydney agreed to stay back with Audrey and I and McKinley decided to go to school, but agreed to sleep over. So the next morning, Aunt Katie walked in at 7:00 am, waiting for us to get in the car. Pull on church clothes, straggle in with recomends, head temple-ward. It's odd not having a temple in reaching distance here. It was a pretty hearty drive.
Grandma and Grandpa work willingly at the the temple, so they had been up and moving at a very early time in the morning. Us girls piled in (along with Jake- the only boy, this being his first baptisms for the dead experience) and got there.
The experience was phenomanal. It was a great time, thanks Grandma and Grandpa (and Syd and Alex for bringing it up). Sorry that the order is all wacky. You got a taste of our Friday and Wednesday - now embrace yourself for Thursday, which was another great day, which we got to experience the thrill of the new movie Seventeen Again-- the new Zac Efron movie that left us screaming for more. The movie was pretty good, I guess. Worth watching, but not for little kids :-/ it was really funny, with great humor. Zac Efron looks GREAT (as always) and the movie had a fun story. :)

What could the experience be without some little Arizona fun? No.. we never went swimming. Like I said - there is a certain temperature you need for swimming to be enjoyable. This week just wasn't that way. The weather was fabulous, but the wind was horrific. It didn't take away tallies about how FUN this episode turned out to be, of course. I hope you catch my drift :)

We also got to see Mattie play baseball and watch The Wedding Planner and 27 Dresses over and over.. and Twilight! Movies satisfy :)
Thanks grandma and grandpa!! We loved it and we love you :) :) :)