Tuesday, April 17, 2012

...2 years later

I know that nobody really checks up on this blog anymore, so I'll get the word out eventually, but it's Addie posting and I've felt pretty strongly to start up with this again. I'm not sure why yet, but hopefully I'll know soon.

It's been almost two years since I last posted, "promising" to come back to the blogging world. I've been reading my posts from previous years, almost choking on my own spit--I'm sorry that you all had to endure my ridiculous preteen squalor. I can assure you that the rest of my years won't be spent in that way.

Anyway, I'll update you for a second time. We're still living in the same house (celebrated our two full years; this'll be our third summer in the house; we've never been in one place for so long!) As for the kids:

Talmage is a wonderful student in 8th grade... he's got a 3.9 GPA and although the temper's come on recently, he's also grown 5 inches and passed me up. He's 5'6" and I'm 5'3"! He turned 14 on April 6 and is still doing baseball and football.

Ethan is now 10.5 and does great in school. He is obsessed with becoming a neurosurgeon and never fails to give us constant trivia almost each and every day. E's growth problems are being repaired soon--he just overcame a recent hernia surgery (his third surgery in his lifetime, poor kid), but he hasn't stopped playing baseball on 2 amazing little league teams and he's got a bright future ahead.

Emma is slowly trying to kill us all with her recent...bitter...attitude, but we've managed to deal with it over time, and now she isn't so bad. She is CONSTANTLY doing crafts... she's got crazy, whimsical ideas up her sleeves. Emma loves to play with all of our fun neighbors, and she'll be 8 on April 30, and be getting baptized on May 5. She's oozing with excitement (which turns to anger and is then released upon us all).

Isabel is almost 3 (May 11 is the day!) and I am dreading this--Isabel is my baby. She is my sweetheart and I love her so much it truly overwhelms me. Words cannot describe how much I feel for her. My baby girl is almost 3, and I remember every detail about the day she was born and how I would hold her little, sweet head and carry her as a newborn. My heart hurts to imagine her leaving this peaceful, sweet little relic and soon becoming.... whatever Emma is. I hope to preserve her the best I can.

Dad is doing great in work--he now has his own hours (most of the time), works at home, and he's recently lost 50 pounds and has a younger, fitting look about him. He spends so much time at the gym for us, but unfortunately he is still the same Albino shade of white as he ever has been, but now he's got a much better body. Daddy works so hard and we absolutely love him.

Mom is doing well, too--after her bouts with pneumonia and mono this past winter, she's come back healthier and revived us all for spring with cleaning, mothering, and she's been playing the piano more frequently. We're starting to grow out of that "young, baby-family" stage, and she's is living it up.

I've done well in school and kept studying my piano, thankfully completing a few more pieces this year and learning a lot more as I go. My full-time job is a stay-at-home mom, I could say, with my sweet baby Isabel, but I spend a lot of time doing schoolwork and trying to stay on top of things. I only have two more years left before I break free, which is hardly anything really. Sophomore year has been extremely fun, my friends and I have had a great time, and I'm excited for summer to come around.

So, we're all alive and well, and keep praying that it stays that way.