Sunday, December 28, 2008

woo hoo!!

I can't emphasize too much as to say that ever since summer, Reyna and I's modeling career has gone in every direction ;) I say it's worth the time and effort and enjoy it quite a bit. So....dun-dun-dun-DUUUUUN!!!!! Here we are! :)

Photoshoot Preview

After much reasoning, Reyna and I agree that for our Photoshoot, these two pictures were the best to show off the new Louis Vuitton wallet that I got as a birthday present from her in China. We have many more modeling pictures that we are going to share with you soon! But these two were our favorites and bound to go on the cover of "CosmoFreak". If you have any name suggestions for other magazine covers, LET US KNOW. This is way too much fun... Reyna showing off her flair. We took these pictures with my new camera then digitally edited them :) Such a fun experience! We played around for a few minutes, then got to business realizing the new effects that we had in our power. A&R no more... this time, it's Reyddie. Together, Reyddie can do ANYTHING!
Haha, yes, this picture is purposely blurry :) The picture was taken before I could smile, but it was so perfectly set that we decided to use it, and cover up my distressed look with our computer powers.