Monday, June 8, 2009

Isabel 1 month

The apple of our eyes turned one month old today, and realizing her little coming-of-age, she decided to smile a bit for us. A bit?? A lot! She is a VERY smiley baby! And it's not just a small hint of a smile anymore -- it's a full on grin. I am SOOO happy she has reached this day! Well, besides the beautiful smiles and happiness, the one-month mark means squeaky-leaky poo! My mom ran an errand today and I got to take care of sleepy Izz. In the midst of all her sleepiness, she started to wail. I suspected she needed a diaper change. Did she!
I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever changed a diaper that bad. It was all over her rocker, and her onesie and her diaper was yellow. It was a truly sickening sight. I called my mom gaggin and choking, with a naked baby that was not too excited to be naked and covered in poo. I probably wouldn't be either, of course.
After ten minutes of wiping, throwing away, more wiping and throwing away, and changing, I got her settled down and now she is slepping like the angel she is in her vibrating chair.
After this event, I just have one question:
Does it get worse with age?

Cheerleading: Day 2 & 3

I got busy, so I'll try and squeeze in two dates. On Thursday (last Thurs) is was my second day of cheer. We learned some more cheers and reviewed our tryout dance. We've officially gone over 13 cheers. But by the time the season starts, we'll have learned 20. That just doesn't seem realistic to me! But I guess they're going to get harder and anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE a challenge! We practiced with the infamous Anna Richey (her and her sister, Sarah, are "cheer queens" and have double fulls and things of the sort..they're incredible!!)
Day 3: Day 3 was awesome! We finally met our new cheer coach, Jessica Rose, and she is really sweet and has an adorable personality. However, she resembles my former very pregnant science teacher. Jessica's NOT pregnant and does not LOOK pregnant! But her face and hair color and hair length are the exact same! The only difference is her eyes are an outstanding light, yellow-brown color and Mrs. Shore *(science teacher)* has deep brown eyes. It kind of freaked me and my friend Avery out!
Today was a pretty stressful day.
Jessica is the BOMB as a coach, but today is was brutal. We had to practice outside in the rain! Luckily it kinda stopped raining after a few minutes and we practiced all our cheers in the little rotunda, but when it was time to stunt, our group had one flyer and she didn't bring the right shoes. The grass was soaking and me and my friend, Maren, were slipping and sliding all over the place! It was really dreary and muggy until the end, when the sun finally came out. Practice was from 8-9:30am.
Next week we have mandatory cheer camp, which I'm excited to do.
Here's the info for the girls on my team:
1) Maren Penn--she's my friend and a former base. We are most likely basing together this season.
2) Becky Carpenter -- Becky's indentical twin Abby quit our team. Becky works as a back spot and is on Mac's Cheer squad, too. She's great!!
3) Ashley Castleton -- she's really sweet and has the best tumbling pass on our team!
4) Ashley Jeppesen--she's a really nice girl and is a fabulous dancer!!
5) Katie Neeleman -- she's always really nice to me and fun to talk to! She hasn't been to cheer this season yet, but I really love having a cousin on the team! More family bonding! And Katie's a great dancer and one of the best tumblers on our team!!
6) Avery Stocking -- Avery's a good dancer and she's good at the cheers. She's really funny and I like going to 7 Peaks and stuff with her.
7) Savannah Chiniquiy -- Savannah's really hyper during practice and a total dits!! I love her for it, of course! She's a great dancer :)
8) Zoe Emerson -- Zoe's REALLY pretty and fun to cheer with!! She's amazingly strong and nice and a great dancer!
9) Elle Covey--I can't get enough of that girl!! Elle's really strong and always ALWAYS makes me laugh. I remember the days during summer when we'd go to YW together and hang out with the Plilers. She was the first person I became friends with in Utah and I'm excited to get to know her better!
That's it for now. I will post about cheer camp...cheer camp!!
Maybe I'll have pictures, too.. I hope!!