Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lone Peak Cheer

This season has been sooo much fun (so far)
L-R: Elle Covey, Savannah Chiniquiy, Maren Penn, me, Ashley Castleton at the Clausen game. These are the backflips. This game was AT Lone Peak high school and the ones that were flipping are me, Savannah, Ashley, Avery, and Charlotte. But Charlotte and Maren and Elle aren't shown in this picture.
We had two games that night - Clausen's team and Romney's (Romney's team is a higher level) That's the team I'm cheering for in this picture. You can see them totally checking us out (jk)

Me, Becky, Katie Neeleman (cousin), Ashley Jeppesen, Zoe Emerson
Charlotte Beus, Ashley Castleton, Maren Penn, Savannah Chiniquiy,
Elle Covey