Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oak Ridge Boys Concert!!!!!

Chad and Michele told my parents they were going to a charity dinner or someting (which they were, no doutb!!!!) when they took them to an Oak Ridge Boys Concert, which, being me, is sorta scary :)
Emma and I think the guy with the long beard is a Dumbledoor Cowboy. . .no shock there!!!
I guess they had fun because they were talking about it forever! Sorry this is the only pic we got. . .it's lame and blurry but hey it's evidence. Mom is with Snape and Dumbledoor right there, and Dad is taking the pic becuase he isn't going to put his arm around an ORB.
Thanks, Lewis fam!!!!

Miss 'Em Already

These are the neighborhood troopers we left behind in our previous state (gotta love baseball if you're in our front yard!!!) Kristen got the picture, and I've gotta say "it's intelligent!" . . .from L-R = Jason, Sachin, Jahmal, Tal, Ethan, Peter, and Andrew. They are the neighborhood people that were invovled in the front yard homerun derby that meant that you had to hit that HR target via the next-door neighbors windows :)

Gotta love 'em!

YA for Me!!!

I made it to the U13 Triple A soccer team! I am so happy becuase I am doig a week-long camp (stressful!!!) from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM, sometimes to 4:00 PM becuase we do after-camp activities. It's so painful, and SO hard. We are going to Boondocks tomorrow as a group. Today camp was fun. We scrimaged the U15 team, and they are WAY worse than we are. They needed an extra foot today, so I was traded to their team. Let's just say I won every game for them, becuase they don't know how to play at all. It's harder than it sounds. They are literally not passing the ball to me after two or three goals. But today, I was playing soccer from 8:00 AM, to 8:00 PM. That's a workout. . .I am so tired. But I am excited to be on the team becuase the girls are nice and I am already working as a partner with Gabi (one of the girls on the team). We have sixteen girls, two coaches, and tons of practices. We're all really good. It' s awesome to be on a soccer team with a bunch of little pro athletes . . . Utah is a lot bigger than I thought!!! :)