Saturday, August 9, 2008


This was quite the show. Did anyone else nearly die from watching it? The moveable type was seriously one of the coolest parts. I can't believe they were people! I thought for sure it was a timed machine-- even that technology would be amazing. And the green guys that went bright colors. WOW. That was the coolest show ever. Vancouver has a lot expected of them now.

It's Official

We are the official residence owners of the wonderfully tight home of Jerry and Marilyn McGhie. No, sorry, you heard that wrong. We are living temporarily in their home. But personally I think it's great to have a roof to sleep under. When Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Marilyn left, we weren't exactly sure at that time that we were going to be temporary owners of their wonderful home (btw, guys, the new carpeting looks GREAT and is so nice I could sleep on it!). With continuous hours of Psych ahead of us and the great Alpine Days partly over, there's nothing more to love (oh, and the Olympics-- that's pretty great, too!). So, as far as we're concerned, there's nothing else happier. School is just a downer. Shopping is the best. Buying new grocries and some new appliances is so-so. Having to re-clean everything because the guy before took NO CARE whatsoever to this home is pretty sad. But we're still happy.