Monday, June 29, 2009

I learned my lesson...

Blonde is the only color that looks good on me... brown is out of question.
Oh, and by the way....
doesn't Photoshop rock? :)
Self explanatory of what the Photogenica Family does to keep the Sabbath day holy..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a family effort...

This took me ten minutes altogether - some basic head shots to get rid of/hide the fact that these kids are not dressed for an hour-long photoshoot. My backyard is my studio (literally). Ethan's The Man. He's photogenic, sporty, and doesn't decline something if Tal does it. So, naturally, when Ethan said, "No way! I'm not doing that!" all I had to do was get Tal to do it and I was free :)
and Ethan brought the storm. Wowee!

Emma is never a big softie. After I got my Paint.NET software installed, I've been sorta happy about it (so-so, I guess) and now Gimp is being installed. I've heard miraculous things about it. Anyone know where I can get Photoshop for a good deal? I'm desperate...
Tal is The Role Model. Ethan is a big copycat, and when in a good mood, so is Emma. She is more of an indepent Princess, however, so I don't have any hard feelings towards Tal for his sudden.. striking behaivor? It's confusing. But this is a relatively cute picture of him, I will admit. I did a darn good job, didn't I!? Just kidding, just kidding. Tal's a natural..

This is THE coolest picture of me (I'm discovering all these photo softwares that are just as good as Photoshop, minus the price!) It's all collecting neatly.

None of these pictures spark Emma's personality. Gee, I need a better picture of her (not that I don't have any - I'm loaded!)

Last picture of me! I photographed myself (all of the pictures of me here and on my Picasa albums and my photography blog are taken by myself... don't tell!) Does it look like I took these myself? I hope not!

Izzie Smiles :)

Izzie is such a darling baby girl. But unfortunately she is growing up in MASSIVE amounts right smack before our eyes. Ouch. The one little joy we find in her change, is this....
It brings so much happiness to see the way Izzie smiles. It's unique, and so sweet. 6 weeks old, and beyond the charm we can handle.
We'll just have to endure...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy Day!

I was thinking long and hard during church about my dad today. Flipping through the days when I was young, or the memories that I could barely keep track of when we'd hike through convenient valleys and scope the mountains to his pleasure. Those were the good old days!

Throughout the church meeting, I was continually interrupted by flashbacks - momentary visions of when I was merely a toddler (my dad has always told me I had a very strong memory) . Almost like little movie clips of when I would take a white blanket which, at the time, seemed so huge in our little Nebraska townhouse and spread it all the way throughout our small living room and turn on an approving movie and eat popcorn with my parents. I remembered the first day of my entire life, being about Emma's age at this time, of going the entire day without changing into decent clothing. I'd spent the day wandering aimlessly around the house, anxious to show off my beautiful pink nightgown that actually fit.

Memories I could connect to seemed so vivid. The pre-Halloween preparation of carving pumpkins. I can actually remember naming mine Sally Sue. It was a treasured artifact - and my beloved father was right next to me, knife in hand, ready to encourage my designing or whatever a 5-year-old girl could call it. Or when my dad eagerly opened up the Christmas train for the first time in our little Nebraska home. I'd insisted on building a tunnel over it with my legs. I can remember the semi-darkened room, only lit by the Christmas tree lights. The feverish excitement of such a young girl got carried away. My foot slipped, and I landed on the track, just in the mere nick of time. The track came loosely apart and there was absolutely no way I could turn off the ever-progressing speed of the train in time. I let it steer off the tracks, anxious to fix it before I could get caught. Next thing I knew, my small blue eyes were overflowing with silenced tears. Moments later, I was back at the table, hand-in-hand with my forgiving father. It may seem simple to you, but if I can remember that event, 8 years later, it was nothing next to simple for me.

I remember, after moving to St. George, the immediate memories of me turning into the parking lot of the hospital, confused, but excited to be able to finally see my mother. I was at an age where I completely understood what was going on - I was recieving a new family member. When we were securely parked, I yanked my seat belt off. My dad picked me up with a true grin on his face and heaved my out of the car. Instead of setting me down to walk, he continued holding on, eager to keep a pace to see his newborn son. Talmage lingered close behind, almost as excited to see baby Lewis. The one thing - the most distinguishing part of all the urgency and massacre of soap coming directly towards me, there was one thing that detected my full attention - I can clearly see it now. The moment that, when he looked at his newborn son for clearly not the first time, his intelligent smile was like nothing I had ever seen. Through the eyes of a naturally stubborn, teenage 6-year-old, I can clearly remember seeing such a strength that I can almost remember faintly asking, "You love him, huh?". It may have been a bit less mature than that - I am almost positive I added a, "is he your favorite child?"

From that realistic stroke of time, I remember being completely dumbfounded from his more professing attention towards Ethan than towards Tal and me. It didn't last too long - shortly after that, he returned his attention to his entire family. But from that point on, I have found the soft side I didn't know existed. The way he talks to mom, or the way he holds Izzie. Or how he tells Emma that she is his princess. Or how he constantly teases (with humor) Tal and I. Or how he looks down on Ethan, or all of his children and wife, with complete respect.

I have learned to deal with my dad (jk!) and I want to express - and I speak for everyone that knows you, Robert - that I love you. Since I know you would strangle me if I dared post a picture of you on here (and I had a few in mind that could quite possibly end my life), then I would like to remind you how much your family (as a whole) loves and respects you. I am glad you take so much time to work. It just represents how much you care for your family and have a desire to get us out of our situations and into a better, less stressful life.

With Love,
Addison; Talmage; Lewis Ethan; Emma; and Isabel
and Lisa :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rabies Return?

If you saw this right across the street from you,
would you call Animal Control?
We didn't...
but..then we watched the NEWS.
"Watch out for foxes - they are currently found to be the animals with rabies."
So we live by a fox...
nothing wrong with that!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trek 2009

Trek 2009 has been an all-around good experience. I didn't expect to go on trek--nor was I excited about it. But four months ago when I heard we'd be going on trek I didn't complain or freak out. I didn't think much of it. In fact, I said, "Oh I have time to worry later. Who cares?"
Time goes by SOOOOOO quickly! Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM we boared the charter buses that would take us to Middle-Of-Nowhere, Wyoming, and loaded our handcarts with very compacted 5-gallon buckets overflowing with our neccesities.
Day 1--got there at about 9:00AM and hurriedly unloaded our buses. I will admit, I got some butterflies as I stared out on our trail. The only visible part was the very first thing we had to climb - over a muddy creek and up a HUGE hill.
My trek parents, Kaycee and Jeff Pierson, we're solid rocks and Jeff kept me going. They are the best- and Kaycee has such a great spirit and is such a girl through and through, and Jeff makes me laugh and carries jokes up his sleeves! Could literally not ask for better!
Here are the handcarts - they were really petrifying from the bus windows. Fitting 13 buckets and a water cooler in there? Nuh-uh!
Within a mile of our departure, it started hailing and raining buckets, and we had to flip our wagons over and hide underneath. It's not comfortable being squished in the back, but I had Kaycee and my friend Chantz keep me laughing thru the troubles. Here's our family. This is in L-R from who you can see....
Tanner Gillett, Kate Lefrandt, Ryann Worsley (girl), Chantz Cook, Kaycee (in back), Logan Bench (Jeff kept calling him Logee and Logee-One-Kanobi or whatever), Nathan Webb (yes..Gary Webb's son...), Jeff, me, Dallin Brooks, Rebekah Schaurhamer, Nikki Lye, and Chelsey Huish.
I could NOT have asked for truly a better family. Every SINGLE person made me laugh soooo hard..even Nathan! My friend Sierra and I could not get enough of Dallin..he came with a concussion and I seriously have never laughed more in my entire life. Thanks to everyone! Trek was memorable and hilarious!...but I'm not done...
Speaking of her - below are my three amazing friends, Sierra Kinkade, Tessie Garrett, and me. Sierra and I danced the night away at the hoedown. We ignored all the guys asking to be our partners and stuck with each other. Tessie broke her toe and gave the most beautiful testimony at the meeting. I realized one night that Tessie has the spirit with her more than anyone I know. I was so surprised and pleased. She is such a spiritual person and I love her. Sierra has always been with me and both of us stuck together during trek. I actually cried during Sierra's testimony from how touched I was. The dance was fantastic and all that square dance training came to effect. Tessie got her toe stomped on and had to leave early, but Sierra reminded me that we had to remember her in our prayers and check up on her during the night. I was really grateful. Both girls are beautiful. Tessie's and Indian and has a lovely accent, and Sierra came from a very beautiful family of 5 girls and a 3-year-old stud brother!

This trek would have been nothing without Chantz! Oh my! This kid was hysterical and every night while I was laying my tent I could hear the tent next to us roaring with laughter. Mostly becuz of Dallin and Chantz. Both boys were great in did a good portion of the pulling, and I must say that I was impressed with the work of a 7th-grader! Great job, Cook!

Jeff celebrated his 34th bday on trek. Every time his "children" would get tired he'd step in and push. Other handcarts would yell, "Hey, look at Pierson! He's pulling!" and his immediate response was,
"I'm a man! I'm 34!"
Everyone was laughing their guts out - I was surprised and impressed and soooo grateful for his hysterical-ness!
Our family was ordered to make flags, too, to represent our family and what we stand for. We were later asked to share the meaning of our flag and etc. Jeff decided to make the flag special by writing O'Doyle Rules! from Billy Maddison. Below was his Stick of Revelation, and a random marijuana leaf that was supposed to be a glove :)
And while everyone was off singing hymns and My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (Kate...) we were back there singing the all-famous Nacho Libre "Encarnocion" and "I Ama Singing"
Good times on trek...(thanks Kase and Jeff)

Here's what Chelsey and Nikki did half of trek - SLEEP. I wish I had the ability to take naps. Unfortunately, I can barely get myself to sleep at night! So I was stuck washing dishes, wiping chairs, cutting wood (yep...guys are wimps!), waking the sleepers (except Chantz...who can sleep thru a TORNADO), and cooking food. Yikes.

I did french braids and on the second day agreed to take them out. Bekah and Sierra pampered me up for the dance later that night. I think the dance was the most fun I had on trek. When you're not walking, you're loving it!
Model shot!

Trek was such a fun experience. Don't think twice about going! You'll love it!
I did learn some things about trek though...
1) BRING A WATCH...because no one else will and you'll really be stressed about the time.
2) If they say, "one more hill", don't get your hopes up. There's really about 20 more.
3) Carry a rain poncho and jacket on top of your stuff, because even if it's beautiful and cloudless, you're going to need it!
4) Put your pajamas and extra clothes in a plastic bag because the weather changes within seconds.... and leaks through...
5) The guys are not going to do all the pushing. In fact, it's really hard to push that handcart! And it's a job that everyone has to do!
6) Bring sweats. In fact, bring two pairs. You don't have to live in your skirt, you know.
7) Bring warm, comfy sporting socks. They will save you... I promise.
8) Leggings are warmer than bloomers. Much warmer...
9) Bring a flowy long-sleeved shirt. They are a lot better than button up.
10) If you can, put extra garbage bags under your sleeping bag. Water can be soaking through the ground and you wouldn't even realize it!
11) Bear your testimony at the meeting. I told myself I wouldn't, and I did. Even if it's short or off topic, bear it anyway. If you don't, you'll regret it.
12) DON'T wear your hair down the whole trek. I didn't, but girls I know did and their hair was greasier. If you can, braid it. French braids are the BEST.
13) DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If you don't, you'll pass out. Even if you don't feel dehydrated or sick or sweaty, drink tons of water. I know girls in my family that passed out, and they didn't even see it coming. It effects you, I promise.
14) Bring duct tape, even if it tells you not to.
15) keep your flashlight in a memorable place, becuase you won't need it until it's dark, and when it's dark, you won't be able to find it. Memorize where it is!
16) keep yourself VERY organized. Don't think, "oh I'll fix it later".. you won't. I promise.
17) bring tons of warm clothes! that explains itself...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Isabel 1 month

The apple of our eyes turned one month old today, and realizing her little coming-of-age, she decided to smile a bit for us. A bit?? A lot! She is a VERY smiley baby! And it's not just a small hint of a smile anymore -- it's a full on grin. I am SOOO happy she has reached this day! Well, besides the beautiful smiles and happiness, the one-month mark means squeaky-leaky poo! My mom ran an errand today and I got to take care of sleepy Izz. In the midst of all her sleepiness, she started to wail. I suspected she needed a diaper change. Did she!
I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever changed a diaper that bad. It was all over her rocker, and her onesie and her diaper was yellow. It was a truly sickening sight. I called my mom gaggin and choking, with a naked baby that was not too excited to be naked and covered in poo. I probably wouldn't be either, of course.
After ten minutes of wiping, throwing away, more wiping and throwing away, and changing, I got her settled down and now she is slepping like the angel she is in her vibrating chair.
After this event, I just have one question:
Does it get worse with age?

Cheerleading: Day 2 & 3

I got busy, so I'll try and squeeze in two dates. On Thursday (last Thurs) is was my second day of cheer. We learned some more cheers and reviewed our tryout dance. We've officially gone over 13 cheers. But by the time the season starts, we'll have learned 20. That just doesn't seem realistic to me! But I guess they're going to get harder and anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE a challenge! We practiced with the infamous Anna Richey (her and her sister, Sarah, are "cheer queens" and have double fulls and things of the sort..they're incredible!!)
Day 3: Day 3 was awesome! We finally met our new cheer coach, Jessica Rose, and she is really sweet and has an adorable personality. However, she resembles my former very pregnant science teacher. Jessica's NOT pregnant and does not LOOK pregnant! But her face and hair color and hair length are the exact same! The only difference is her eyes are an outstanding light, yellow-brown color and Mrs. Shore *(science teacher)* has deep brown eyes. It kind of freaked me and my friend Avery out!
Today was a pretty stressful day.
Jessica is the BOMB as a coach, but today is was brutal. We had to practice outside in the rain! Luckily it kinda stopped raining after a few minutes and we practiced all our cheers in the little rotunda, but when it was time to stunt, our group had one flyer and she didn't bring the right shoes. The grass was soaking and me and my friend, Maren, were slipping and sliding all over the place! It was really dreary and muggy until the end, when the sun finally came out. Practice was from 8-9:30am.
Next week we have mandatory cheer camp, which I'm excited to do.
Here's the info for the girls on my team:
1) Maren Penn--she's my friend and a former base. We are most likely basing together this season.
2) Becky Carpenter -- Becky's indentical twin Abby quit our team. Becky works as a back spot and is on Mac's Cheer squad, too. She's great!!
3) Ashley Castleton -- she's really sweet and has the best tumbling pass on our team!
4) Ashley Jeppesen--she's a really nice girl and is a fabulous dancer!!
5) Katie Neeleman -- she's always really nice to me and fun to talk to! She hasn't been to cheer this season yet, but I really love having a cousin on the team! More family bonding! And Katie's a great dancer and one of the best tumblers on our team!!
6) Avery Stocking -- Avery's a good dancer and she's good at the cheers. She's really funny and I like going to 7 Peaks and stuff with her.
7) Savannah Chiniquiy -- Savannah's really hyper during practice and a total dits!! I love her for it, of course! She's a great dancer :)
8) Zoe Emerson -- Zoe's REALLY pretty and fun to cheer with!! She's amazingly strong and nice and a great dancer!
9) Elle Covey--I can't get enough of that girl!! Elle's really strong and always ALWAYS makes me laugh. I remember the days during summer when we'd go to YW together and hang out with the Plilers. She was the first person I became friends with in Utah and I'm excited to get to know her better!
That's it for now. I will post about cheer camp...cheer camp!!
Maybe I'll have pictures, too.. I hope!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anyone need one?

Emma and I had a little sister-sister time together. She had been beggin to "Play Sweet Streets" and I was not up for doing that. I know that she's beyond photogenic so I thought, why not spend a nice day outside shooting pictures?
Yep. My plan worked. Take a look at the verdict, and if you want more from previous dates, click here
**(PS--take note on that link that names ARE NOT's a public blog and I don't want it leaked to stalkers and such so I used fake names. And don't mention the fact that I am a child :) thanks!!)

If anyone needs a superfiesty, amazingly gorgeous model...we've got one right here!

Some Qualities of this Model:

--she's got a fierce attitude and burning desire to be in EVERY picture

--if she's not number one, you're in trouble.

--she is great at putting up with crap talk. she just gives you a taste of your own medicine :)

--she's GORGEOUS


Cheerleading: Day 1

Today my cheer team started practice. Of the 10 girls on our squad, 5 showed up. Since the camps are mandatory, if this number shows up again, those girls will be KICKED. Our squad is good, for the most part, but can barely do one stunt group (so far). They really limited numbers for the Maroon Squad this season! Currently we're short on flyers, but everyone has caught onto the cheers really quickly. We learned about 7 today, and we're learning some more tomorrow (yep...we're learning everything in two days!). They should probably make our squad bigger. 10 girls?? We're short, but already 2 girls have quit our team! And tryouts are over, so it's all said and done :)
We're getting our uniforms and shorts and shoes in a couple of days! I have been wearing my past cheer shorts, and their getting a little older, so I need new ones! And my shoes right now are not helping!
I love cheer! It's actually really fun- I LUV IT!!!! It's the bomb :) :) :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jane Austen Quiz

I did it! I finally squeezed in some time to take an online computer quiz. I took a Twilight one first (too lazy to post results, but I got exciting!). So after that, I got thinking. Sense and Sensibility is like my favorite movie ever -- we have it on DVR and although it's a time sucker, it's so great to watch.
Here are what my results read :)
"you are Ms. Marianne Dashwood. You are romantic, creative, and enjoy spending your time out in the world, amongst the political stress and the creative virtue. You spend your free hours writing poems, reading novels, and studying the art of music and literature. You have a spontaneous mind, and cannot keep your mouth closed when something disturbs you. You are very romantic, but can easily be mislead by men. You are headed for a very bright future."
My results were 100% Marianne. I must say, I was really thrilled! She's by far my favorite Austen character, so when I took the quiz I was crossing my fingers :) lucky me!!