Friday, November 7, 2008

The Tag

Let me start by saying that if you know me well you know I love tags. I don't understand it either, but I just loved being tagged. My mom says that tags are unneccessary, but I think otherwise. Liz tagged me. I love her! This is the "4" tag. You take the fourth picture from your fourth picture folder and post about it. This is an old one. When Emma was a great sleeper, terrible walker, and didn't have such a fiesty attitude :)
To me, Emma is a such a doll. I would die for her, because she is so cute, and even though she is way melodramatic and pretty hard to keep track of, I love her so so much! Some days when I am a little under the weather, she comes into my room and asks if I need anything and cheers me up with her funny laugh. Thanks, Liz, for tagging me!

now I tag...
1. Melissa
2. Alyssa LaComb (she probably wont read this...)
3. Emily Lewis (she will!)

Make me proud, girls!