Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anziano Shelley è a casa

Last week on tuesday Elder (anziano) Steven Shelley came home from his Italy Catania mission. Kristen is done with the missionaries! And now we can take a break from the farewells and homecomings too! Until Kyson!
It was great that our beloved cousin came home. It was very suspending when he came down the escalator! So many tears and camera flashes and EEK! just so much to keep track of.. it was a really exciting time. Nick wanted to be the first to welcome his younger brother home....but Stevo was busy hugging other family members to notice! So.. Nick put on a show.

Great to have the mish back! Nice work in the field, Anziano Shelley!

(oh, and Melissa and Liz, I stole these off your blogs. Thanks!)