Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toddlers and Tiaras

The other day I slept over with my friend Aly LaComb (Rachel and Tim's daughter) and she introduced me to this show - Toddlers and Tiara's...I must say I was SHOCKED! And not in a good way! Little helpless girls that are Emma's age get plucked away from a normal, at-home life and are turned into modeling divas. We watched a particular episode about some Texas competition. One mother was insane! Her daughter was Taralyn, she was an only child (hence, the glitz), and her mother prep'd her in so many absurd ways like:
-flippers for her teeth. they covered her tiny baby teeth and made them look pro.
-airbrush and tanning...and the lady at the office desk saw her walk in and looked at her like, you've got to be kidding me.
-makeup which was OVERLOADED. She looked completely fake and I was almost gagging.
But what shocked me even more was her mother. That lady was OBSESSED. The family was clearly rich - living in a huge, Barton-like monstrosity, with one child, paying extreme cash to get dresses, clothes, and makeup and tanning o.d.'s, and completely spoiling their little daughter. Unreal.
Again, that mother was crazy. Probably in her later 40s, and forcing her child around like a dog. The dance routine she had her learn could win her a spot on Dancing With the Stars..she was insane! Both Aly and I were shocked beyond words.
But another thing about this show was that I wasn't just completely against it..it was good. I mean, horrible what these ladies do to their children, but the show in general pleased me!
*****another thing: there was a mother on the show who put her two young boys in, because she wished they were girls. She described them as, "the girls she never had"...I cracked up at the thought that her "boys" will grow up a little on the gay side ;)
In general, it wasn't bad, just horrific looking at those little girls..