Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving (on our side of the spectrum)

the Amerian pastime (oh wait, that's baseball... well... they played that, too!)
What's Thanksgiving without a football game?

To start off, Thanksgiving was FABULOUS! With rolls, deviled eggs, slow-roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and unlimited amount of random pies, stuffing, green bean casserole, and so much more delicious foods that made perfect sense and added wonderfully to the festivities

Great food, great family!
aka, Matt and Corie as well as Steve and Ali and Scott and Suzanne and Mitch and Nicole and their families.
Party hosters: of course, Ali and Steve


Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here's one way to spend an exciting, Twilight-adventured Friday at the movie theatre!! It all started on Tuesday night, when I was at my friends house. A bunch of us were there, planning a huge celebration. Well, a celebration. The next day (Wednesday) we decided to take on another adventure - shopping. We went to the University mall and shopped for hours, trying to decide the perfect movie apparel. We finally agreed on leg warmers (black) and some handy arm warmers. Colorful, cute, and trendy. Our shopping was done after a small meal and some chatting. When we got back to my friends house, we practiced our cheer routine on her front lawn a couple of times, then my mom picked me up. But the party doesn't end there. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at Ali and Steve's and got to see Matt and Corie along with Scott and Suzanne and their families. Perfect. Wait, I am NOT finished.

After some bustling of getting home, packing the extra food in the fridge, and changing into pajamas, I got a phone call from my friend Kaitlyn saying I could come over and decorate. "Decorate what? It's Thanksgiving!" "Decorate shirts for Twilight". Aw, yes. The next day was Twilight. So my dad drove me over for a late night, and we painted shirts. Mine read "I <3>

Finally, I went home, got some rest (very little though... see what excitement can do to you?) and woke up at nine. I was supposed to be over at my friends house, wearing my shirt and leg and arm warmers, with crazy makeup and my hair in a side ponytail by eight-thirty. Oh well. When I got there, I ate some crepes and we were on the road.

On our way there, my other friend called and asked if she could join the fun. Of course! So finally we got EXCELLENT SEATS - pre ordered tickets - near the middle on the theatre, in the center spot. Bingo. The lights dimmed, the movie started. I was about to SCREAM!!!!!

My final review: it was FANTASTIC. The previews I thought that the Edward couldn't be the right guy but GUESS WHAT??? I was wrong!! He was perfect - both Bella and Edward did a great job. All the characters were very well casted. I was so HAPPY!!!! I highly recommend this movie to all!!! It's so sweet and funny!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


1. The Gospel. I realize that not many people have this book in their lives.
It has strengthened my life SO MUCH!! I love it!! 2. Pianos. I have taught myself to play Apologize by One Republic, Love Song by Sarah Bareillas, 100 Years by Five for Fighting, Saturady from Chicago, Clocks by Coldplay, and Wintersong by Sarah McClachlan, and You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift, all on the piano by ear. It's so fun, but can be stressful. Oh well

3. Nature. Like...beaches and stuff. I truly LOVE the beach. I like Lake Powell a little bit more. But we are some of our only family members to go to a Florida beach, since we used to live so close. I love the waves, the sand, and OH it's just all so fun!!

4. Family. I love my family so much - they have such a great spirit and are so darn funny! I actually do love coming home from school. Not just because I hate school - but also because they are kind to me (and I can always expect a nice batch of cookies almost EVERY day!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This picture describes Ethan's everyday fiasco life.... i just found it. He's a beauty!!!
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Thank You

Although we are missing the place we call HOME
There's no place that we'd rather BE.

But since we have ROOFTOPS over our heads,

We're grateful for all family.

Because we are GROWING and aging and such,

We've lost all our childhood FEARS.

But these past few months have been pain beyond thought,

and we've shed uncountable TEARS.

So THANK YOU to all who helped us endure,

and THANK YOU for those who helped.

and THANK YOU to people who helped us get through,

We couldn't ask for anything ELSE.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Tag

Let me start by saying that if you know me well you know I love tags. I don't understand it either, but I just loved being tagged. My mom says that tags are unneccessary, but I think otherwise. Liz tagged me. I love her! This is the "4" tag. You take the fourth picture from your fourth picture folder and post about it. This is an old one. When Emma was a great sleeper, terrible walker, and didn't have such a fiesty attitude :)
To me, Emma is a such a doll. I would die for her, because she is so cute, and even though she is way melodramatic and pretty hard to keep track of, I love her so so much! Some days when I am a little under the weather, she comes into my room and asks if I need anything and cheers me up with her funny laugh. Thanks, Liz, for tagging me!

now I tag...
1. Melissa
2. Alyssa LaComb (she probably wont read this...)
3. Emily Lewis (she will!)

Make me proud, girls!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is the 100th post. I don't know what to say about it but ... yeah, we have posted at 100 posts! Everyone is beating us by a milestone. Joy.

I have decided to do a random post

It's basically a post about the weirdest (and maybe the coolest) things about me.
1. I don't like bumps in mine or other peoples hair. It's sorta OCD-ish and very Monk-ish, but I can't help my senses.
2. I have buff legs. Like, majorly buff. My friend calls me steroid legs. But I am NOT a steroid druggie. NO NEVER. Can't stand needles. Blech.
3. CANT STAND NEEDLES. Shots are a serious pain for me. Truly, it's the last thing I would ever do.
4. Halloween. No offense, for those Halloween "party goers". . . I am an anti-fan of that crazy, bias, random, unessecary holiday. It shouldn't be celebrated. Kids running around in crazy costumes demanding candy and crowding the door, screaming, singing, acting spazzy. It's insane!
5. Sticky foods. They are the closest thing to weird, the farthest from normal. Examples: caramel, peanut butter, gum, etc. I can chew gum, but the others are blech-ish. Hopefully you all feel my pain :)
6. Crowded tents. I have chlastrofobia like my dad does. I have a hard time standing in lines. conclusion, I agree that crowded tents can kill a person. Naturally, crowded spaces are murderous, but tents is different. Not a total outdoorsy person, if you catch what I am saying.
7. I love secrets. But I am bad at keeping them "secrets"-I am a terrible gate keeper. The robber always gets in my city and its terrifying everyone. But in most cases, the difference is that the secret pleases everyone but one or two or however many people the secret may involve.
8. Getting in trouble for stupid pranks like Toilet Papering, doorbell ditching, whoopey cusioning. Since I am a) gullible and b) can't stay away from a huge, giveaway-ish grin. If I fib and people say, "yeah right", I can't hold back giggles. It's too difficult. Some people do it as if they are professionals, and I surely hope they're not.
That's enough for now. I am just so random, right?? Thanks for commenting!