Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where Did Time Go?

This little studmuffin is seven years old....where on Earth did time go?
Thanks, Michele!

Happy Birthday, Lewis Ethan!

To celebrate being Seven on October 5th (tomorrow), Ethan and his cousins, Sam and Jon, partied hard at Jump-On-It along with Tal and Max. The Rose boys, the Lambs, and Jon Neeleman are three great kiddos! Afterwards, they hit McDonalds and... well, just see for yourself.

Serious Jumpers

The Slide Masters

The Wedding

This defines our group...well, that only looks like half the McGhie grandkids, but oh well. It's still a picture.
If this becomes our Christmas picture, don't be surprised :) I looked and thought, "Hey, that's a cute picture!"

The cute ladies chilling out

Nick and Heather got married....FOREVER AGO!!! But sorry I am slow. At least I posted, though!

Pedi Cure Everything

Here's our lovely footies - this is going backwards. Sorry.
Here's a small portion of our rally. It's not over, yet. Aw, I can feel my toes tingling again!!

Yes, that's my leg. I wanted a manicure, too, so I HAD to have one...I was the only one who got one, but no one can turn down a pedi!!!

Here's our group (L-R: Kristen, Liz, Me, my Mom, Melissa)
Thanks, ladies, for the wonderful mani-pedi date!

Makeover Time!

So...let's play a little game of "What to Wear...On Your Face" or "Two Years Older" my mom would call it. We were plucked off the streets by luck to be pretty. Hopefully that's how it'll stay. I think it probably will :) In this picture, we're standing taller, smiling more, and AHEM look way better. Why?........
The before picture...

This might have happened in August, but when Reyna and her good friend from Russia, Aleona, were in town, we went to the mall to kick off my seventh-grade makeup approval with a little Clinique makeover at the South Towne Mall. When you start someone in makeup, I totally suggest this is the way to begin. Keep that in mind!