Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jane Austen Quiz

I did it! I finally squeezed in some time to take an online computer quiz. I took a Twilight one first (too lazy to post results, but I got Alice..so exciting!). So after that, I got thinking. Sense and Sensibility is like my favorite movie ever -- we have it on DVR and although it's a time sucker, it's so great to watch.
Here are what my results read :)
"you are Ms. Marianne Dashwood. You are romantic, creative, and enjoy spending your time out in the world, amongst the political stress and the creative virtue. You spend your free hours writing poems, reading novels, and studying the art of music and literature. You have a spontaneous mind, and cannot keep your mouth closed when something disturbs you. You are very romantic, but can easily be mislead by men. You are headed for a very bright future."
My results were 100% Marianne. I must say, I was really thrilled! She's by far my favorite Austen character, so when I took the quiz I was crossing my fingers :) lucky me!!