Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Party

This weekend has been quite the party. It started at a very high level at eight in the morning when Dad filled his little gold vehicle with two suitcases and chucked the boys in the car. After the moment the car was out of sight, the party took an ulimate high. Mom spent the afternooning cleaning, running errands, and all her usual motherly business while I tracked off to school. The day passed quickly, and I returned home on that wonderful Thursday afternoon, ready to kick it off.
First stop - Kneaders Bakery. The deluctable, Paradise-almost bakery very nearby at the closest Smith's Marketplace. The sun was setting, and we were one of the only ones there. I was excited to order a creamy agio soup dish (something like that), with a side of homeade potato chips, and an unforgettable Club sandwhich that my mother graciously shared with me. In the end, I caved into my immediate sugar obsession and got an eclaire. De-lish!

Next day, I slept in, went to school, and returned home calling and texting at full speed. My phone was acting up a little bit (keep that in mind for later!) but suddenly a party was announced and I grabbed my bathing suit and my friends Kaitlyn and MaKayla and I met up at the Peppermint Place, where shortly after, we walked to my house. We bought my friend Hannah a party gift and then booted off to her place. After going swimming and messing around, I dropped my phone. It was nothing serious, but it broke! Oh well, we're not to tell the Verizon people about this.
Next day, my mom and I planned an excellent GDO (Girls *Day* Out) where we decided to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic.. Review below!

I loved this movie - one of my top five! It was extremely clean, no bad language, and it had a very important, understandable, meaning to it. Through finance and importance of happiness. It found the deepest corners of reality and matched them up to realize what people with this kind of stuff are. When you see kids in clothes you can never afford, it tells and proves that they might not be able to afford them either. They just go and buy. It talks about expenses and saving and earning, but in a cute and clean-cut way. I loved it. I am going to buy it, and I recommend it to all those who would like a cute, funny, clean, laugh.

After seeing the movie, we ditched the theatre and ran to fix my phone. I was crossing my fingers that they would not find water damage (there was not supposed to be any though), or they would not return the phone free of charge. Luckily, I got the same phone free, without a single scratch, and we're lucky to be alive ;)

Love you all!