Saturday, January 31, 2009

And here he is....

Welcoming President Barack Obama into the office. We're proud to be Americans. Hopefully this economy will do better. Although I feel like that should be McCain (actually, no, Romney!) it's all good! Go, America!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Even though Emma is truly a poser, I think it's super cute and sooo great how photogenic she is! My mom got a new camera and after Suzanne helped her get it all set up I started taking pictures of Emma on Monday. Yay! She was so cute- here is some of the products of the camera quality!
Emma. Isn't she great?

She's so cute! I just love love love her eyes!

This is the greatest. We took SO many cute cute pictures but these were my personal favorites!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

GNO (I really need my own blog)

I got a camera for Christmas and I must say that this is the most fun I have ever had with it:) on Friday me and my friends went to Bride Wars, that new Anne Hathaway movie, and had a great time. Cute, cute movie!
Starting at the blurry picture on the top with the blonde girl and going clockwise, it's Brianne (we were pretending to be like our pretty friend Taylor-Ann whose a model).
Then me and Kaitlyn Peterson. Some of the girls were complaining about a bad smell in the room, and we thought it was both of ours feet, so we covered them in lotion, which only made the smell worse!
The next picture in Kaitlyn Peterson again. Haha! Love it!
Then it's Hannah Clark, whose like my best friend ever. She is so funny. She's great. I love her! And we have the same cell phone so.. call for free!
The next one is me and Kaitlyn Conlee, being the cute and attractive dorks we are taking pictures in the mirror of her hallway bathroom. Gotta love it!
Kaitlyn Conlee pretending to be a model (she's way gorgeous so of course she could be one)!!!! Haha good times!!!
The next one is me.. don't.. look at it
Again, Kaitlyn Conlee and I are DORKS.
and the center picture is a portion of us going into the movie. The rest of us were Cebrina, and Hannah Clark. But they were somewhere else. And we saw Taylor-Ann in the movie theatre and had the greatest time!! Me and Brianne started crying at the end (can't spoil it, sorry!) but oh well. It's all over and I am doing ok :)
The movie was way awesomley cute! I loved it more than anything! I would see it again :) It was funny and clever. I recommend it, but not for littler kids.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Year in Review (2008)

Ah... 2008. A year full of tears, and laughs, and jokes, and messups, and tons of alternate criss-crosses. This year has been one not soon to be forgotten. I tried to get eventful pictures, but.. this was the best I could do :( sorry. Anyway so I am doing this differently. I don't know exactly how much differently, since I am lazy and this is a short lived post. So here we go! I feel rude starting off with me, but anyway here goes:

- This year I learned how to wakeboard (one of those things you look at and say "ok, but never me" and end up being really good at..) and thanks to more experience from the alternative going-to-Lake-Powell getaway I was officially able to crash the party by going outside the wake and coming back in.. on my first try! Boo ya!
- With soccer, I have been playing on the Champions (funny where they get their name- a bit cocky, especially when you compare it to the score at the conclusion of each game..) This season was not very successful, but we did run a lot, and got a good workout. Plus, I loved my soccer coach! She was a BYU soccer player, and had tons of experience and was such a good person!
- I also had more oppourtinuties to be involved in other sports, such as a cheer program at Mac's. For all of those anti-cheerleaders, I must say that this is actual cheer- not the prissy girls at school that get all the football guys. No, not that. Competitive athletes that want gold medals (although prissy cheer is fun, too!!) The activity at the gym is admirable and I really enjoy being there every Monday. It's so fun!
- This year was a huge excitement for me personally. I turned 13, started Junior High back here in our home town, continued playing the piano, and taking up on new sports. This year was huge for me and me and my family members are so excited so welcome a new baby girl this coming May. Happy new year, 2009!

-This year Tal had a great year and did so much. He played baseball, met new friends, and adapted back here to our new home and the area that we will be living, and accomplished so much! 2008 was a big year for this 10-year-old macho man. So.. here we go!
- Learned how to wakeboard, and quickly at that. Since recently, he has been blowing his top about going back. He is a little lake boy!
- He has been extremely involved lately in flag football. He loves it and wants to start playing tackle soon. He is a great reciever and one of the coaches favorites! He got a lot of playing time this season and really enjoyed every second of it. He competed against tons of teams- his team was very good. They accomplished so much and did all around very well!
-He has been a great helper to my preggers mom. Ever since she told us about being pregnant we had some complications and he was such a good boy and very well helper! He did tons of chores, never said no, and was always out and about trying his best. Two thumbs up to this party starter!
-Not only was 2008 a fantastic year for Talmage the Lady Killer, but it was his obnoxious stage and we know (and hope) that this year will be calmer and more strategic. A straightforward, faster year. He had a great one last time. He says "I think that this year will be harder because.. we are getting another Emma". Nice one, Tal!

- Ethan was our hefty shorty boy! Last year, this cutie made mega progress in his height defying reach to the top. We have been trying to support his hieght complications, and recently within the last year he was grown an inch or two.. not as much as he needs, but still growing. We are grateful for this little smart mouth. He learned a lot. And.. so did we!
- Playing baseball is his life calling, I guess. For his size, pitchers have to chance with him. He has the greatest advantages. Baseball is his calling. His life support- all he needs! He was destined all along to go down that road. He has a majority of skill, too, that enhances his baseball-isms.
- This year he started playing basketball with his cousin John Neeleman. The two boys had a fabulous time tearing up the court, and stunning all the ladies :) haha. They are CUTE little boys and rocked the floor this season! They are excited for another hardcourt season of BASKETBALL to treat them! :)
- Ethan is so good with little kids, and so I think that when we have this baby that we will be in good hands with Ethan around. haha. But Ethan is such a good boy and we love him!

- Emma. . you may have heard rumors. As write this, she is fearlessly crying in her room at nearly 10:20 pm, begging to get out of bed. Although we love her, she is the biggest drama queen that I could possibly imagine. The sweetest, kindest baby girl with such bright blue eyes and jet black hair, and such an innocent smile. She is fading.. that is all I can say.
- Being a drama queen, she already has such male possesives, growing up around her wrestling, tough-gut brothers, and being shoved around like a princess cagefighter. She's been dubbed with numerous titles such as Hurrican Emma, and Tearful Tornado and other such nonsense. She is as loveable as they come. Her smile is so irresistable. In a painful manner, she manages to make people laugh with how cocky and deliberate she is. She is so impatient, but it's funny sometimes.
- She turned four this year (terror age!) and began knocking off every noticeable item and shoving people around. In our house, she became the "Queen of the World". But one thing that doesn't escape us is the newly appreciated "wave". Every time one of us leaves she just screams as loud as she can, runs to the door, squeezes up to the screen, and waves until you're completely out of sight. If you don't wave back, you might die when you return home. And she might kill herself.
- Emma is going to get her real life baby doll, and we are hoping that being five will change her around a bit more. Make her softer, and more appreciative. Having this baby will change her.. we aren't sure in what way yet. But so far, so good. Emma is such a fun baby girl and we love her. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!