Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lake to the Powell 2009

I love Lake Powell.. every second I am there it is like a sore addiction. Luckily we have a close circle of relatives kind enough to open the oppurtunity to experience such a wonderful trip with them for us. So, thanks Kristen and Robert for letting us in on this wondeful adventure! I look forward to next summer very much :-) Here's the houseboat we stayed in. It's really nice and so great to have family members that we love so dearly let us stay with them in it. Aahh!!
These were our "toys"- two jet skiis and a ski boat. We spent the majority of our time wakeboarding anyway. It was all too much fun!

Ah, of course, the slide. Where would we be without it??

Dad's brother and sister-in-law, Mitch and Nicole watched Emma (thank you SOO much!!) So that left our little newborn Isabel. Izzie had a great time, with all the cousins and family membes goggling over her and Roman. Oh baby!

Here's me on the slide. :-) Like I said, WAYYY too much fun!

Liz, Brian, Capt. Bob (aka, Uncle Robert), Steven and Heather spent their evening talking by the boat. Oh, such nice weather!

Sequence became the ultimate game- everyone played, everyone experienced it. Ethan became addicted.
Julianne, Rachel, Ethan, me

This trip was also so relaxing. SOOO relaxing. Almost amazingly perfect. To me, this trip was perfected. Quiet peace, amazing perfection... ahh! I can't get over it. I started up at half of Harry Potter 7 and finished it.. and wakeboarded, jet skii'd, tubed, and swam... see? R..E...L..A..X

Since none of the McGhie cousins could come that were my age, Heather's two younger sisters, Julianne and Rachel, came along. It was fun to have such nice girls to hang out with the entire time.
Addie (13), Julianne (17), and Rachel (14)

Lake Powell was phenomonal! I have yet to post pictures and footage of Tal and I wakeboarding... it was all too much fun.
Thanks to all!