Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anyone need one?

Emma and I had a little sister-sister time together. She had been beggin to "Play Sweet Streets" and I was not up for doing that. I know that she's beyond photogenic so I thought, why not spend a nice day outside shooting pictures?
Yep. My plan worked. Take a look at the verdict, and if you want more from previous dates, click here
**(PS--take note on that link that names ARE NOT's a public blog and I don't want it leaked to stalkers and such so I used fake names. And don't mention the fact that I am a child :) thanks!!)

If anyone needs a superfiesty, amazingly gorgeous model...we've got one right here!

Some Qualities of this Model:

--she's got a fierce attitude and burning desire to be in EVERY picture

--if she's not number one, you're in trouble.

--she is great at putting up with crap talk. she just gives you a taste of your own medicine :)

--she's GORGEOUS


Cheerleading: Day 1

Today my cheer team started practice. Of the 10 girls on our squad, 5 showed up. Since the camps are mandatory, if this number shows up again, those girls will be KICKED. Our squad is good, for the most part, but can barely do one stunt group (so far). They really limited numbers for the Maroon Squad this season! Currently we're short on flyers, but everyone has caught onto the cheers really quickly. We learned about 7 today, and we're learning some more tomorrow (yep...we're learning everything in two days!). They should probably make our squad bigger. 10 girls?? We're short, but already 2 girls have quit our team! And tryouts are over, so it's all said and done :)
We're getting our uniforms and shorts and shoes in a couple of days! I have been wearing my past cheer shorts, and their getting a little older, so I need new ones! And my shoes right now are not helping!
I love cheer! It's actually really fun- I LUV IT!!!! It's the bomb :) :) :)