Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is the 100th post. I don't know what to say about it but ... yeah, we have posted at 100 posts! Everyone is beating us by a milestone. Joy.

I have decided to do a random post

It's basically a post about the weirdest (and maybe the coolest) things about me.
1. I don't like bumps in mine or other peoples hair. It's sorta OCD-ish and very Monk-ish, but I can't help my senses.
2. I have buff legs. Like, majorly buff. My friend calls me steroid legs. But I am NOT a steroid druggie. NO NEVER. Can't stand needles. Blech.
3. CANT STAND NEEDLES. Shots are a serious pain for me. Truly, it's the last thing I would ever do.
4. Halloween. No offense, for those Halloween "party goers". . . I am an anti-fan of that crazy, bias, random, unessecary holiday. It shouldn't be celebrated. Kids running around in crazy costumes demanding candy and crowding the door, screaming, singing, acting spazzy. It's insane!
5. Sticky foods. They are the closest thing to weird, the farthest from normal. Examples: caramel, peanut butter, gum, etc. I can chew gum, but the others are blech-ish. Hopefully you all feel my pain :)
6. Crowded tents. I have chlastrofobia like my dad does. I have a hard time standing in lines. conclusion, I agree that crowded tents can kill a person. Naturally, crowded spaces are murderous, but tents is different. Not a total outdoorsy person, if you catch what I am saying.
7. I love secrets. But I am bad at keeping them "secrets"-I am a terrible gate keeper. The robber always gets in my city and its terrifying everyone. But in most cases, the difference is that the secret pleases everyone but one or two or however many people the secret may involve.
8. Getting in trouble for stupid pranks like Toilet Papering, doorbell ditching, whoopey cusioning. Since I am a) gullible and b) can't stay away from a huge, giveaway-ish grin. If I fib and people say, "yeah right", I can't hold back giggles. It's too difficult. Some people do it as if they are professionals, and I surely hope they're not.
That's enough for now. I am just so random, right?? Thanks for commenting!