Thursday, August 7, 2008

Silly but cute

Here we are!

Here's a little taste of Reyna and I's summer. Today they are going to Ogden, and I won't see them till next summer. Waaa!!!! But we spent nearly EVERY day of July together anyway. . . It was so much fun! Yesterday, we went to the mall and she got her haircut, and we both got proffesional Clinique makeovers. . .it was so much fun!!

We've been mostly goofing off (doing those funny - but cute - photoshoots and playing around) It's been great having Aleona, her friend from Russia, come stay with us too. Aleona got a makeover yesterday too. It was so much fun!!!

Thanks for the great summer girls!!! Next year, I want to have even more fun (is that possible???)

Backwards French Braid/Side Ponytail

I am a little bit amatuer, because I actually did this braid by myself, but hey it's cute to look at.

I saw this girl at Girls Camp with this braid and I thought, "Oh, how cute!" Just by looking at it, I starting work on it and got in on my first try. It's hard to explain, but if you can French braid, just do that to the side, stop at the end of their head (don't go all the way around) and tie it to a side ponytail. It's that easy!


Lemonade for sale!

Tal and Nate loved making lemonade for their stand. They sold the lemonade in front of the church together. Nate is Tal's cousin. It was so cool to see them! They did a great job. It was so cute.