Monday, May 25, 2009


The Lewis family kindly invited us to spend a few hours burning calories up in the mountains. So, of course, we hiked the Y. Today was a crazy day and the trail was extremely busy, but we managed to enjoy it. Eeep!

Here's the view from the car. I snapped a few shots just to remind myself how tiny the Y actually is from a distance. Yes, I know what's coming :)

Here's the pre-hike. Yes, pre-hike. Cars were parked all down the road and I'm pretty sure that just tacked on an extra mile to our list :) oh, PS, happy Memorial Day!

Tal and Jake joined the 30-Minute Club getting to the top. They ran like dogs! I must say, during that entire thing, I didn't break a sweat or even gasp for air like I was dying. I have endured much worse. But, when Sarah and I found the boys already sitting at the top of the Y, we were shocked! Well, in terms, I was. He was really excited to show me his giddy face for this picture. Lovely!!

Sorry it's all mixed up - this is the "Y" gate at the beginning of the trail. Go, Cougs!

I tried to get a good picture of my dad walking with Ethan. They trudged alongside the entire time and got in some great father-son bonding. And now I can prove to all you Arizona people that YES it's green and snow-less here! Beat THAT! :) :) :) Sitting on the Y - we were on the very tippy top! Sarah and I had to literally climb from the very base of the "Y" all the way to the very top ledge and just sit there. At first I was pretty disappointed, but glad it all worked out. We got to chill and drink water and chat. It's a really great view, actually.
Look at that! Utah Lake and MORE! I was really proud of myself for accomplishing such a hike. It felt great and the reward (a Roxberry and some Barbarcoa salad..yum!) made the hike well worth my time!! Glad I came! Thanks Lewis fam!