Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lone Peak Cheer

This season has been sooo much fun (so far)
L-R: Elle Covey, Savannah Chiniquiy, Maren Penn, me, Ashley Castleton at the Clausen game. These are the backflips. This game was AT Lone Peak high school and the ones that were flipping are me, Savannah, Ashley, Avery, and Charlotte. But Charlotte and Maren and Elle aren't shown in this picture.
We had two games that night - Clausen's team and Romney's (Romney's team is a higher level) That's the team I'm cheering for in this picture. You can see them totally checking us out (jk)

Me, Becky, Katie Neeleman (cousin), Ashley Jeppesen, Zoe Emerson
Charlotte Beus, Ashley Castleton, Maren Penn, Savannah Chiniquiy,
Elle Covey


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Addie - I know it seems weird to start with myself, but since school started I've been a little neglectant about getting pictures taken and posted, and the blog has been a little secondhand. Well, I am in 8th grade (one year left of official middle school!) I'll be fourteen this year which is exciting for me, but my mom only thinks I'm turning 10. Well, she wishes, I guess. I play soccer on Celtic Storm (thank goodness.. a winning team!) and we play a lot of tournaments, most of which I get to see my good friend and cousin, Audrey Searle, at. I do cheer for Lone Peak Knights, whose rivals in valley just so happen to be American Fork High. Bless their souls. Can't wait to start competing. I just love football games :)

Tal - Tal plays football for Lone Peak (on the 6th grade team, which I guess is the younger kids). And if you didn't catch that, Tal is in 6th grade! :-0 Mom is really dreading this. He really likes football and baseball and basketball and is supposedly quite the athlete. He has a lot of football games and practices and is really whipped into shape. Tal and I are going to start runnign together in the morning's (which I am very much looking forward to). He loves 6th grade but can't wait to get out of elementary, which he can't be blamed for. He is a really awesome kid and a total lady killer. Some things never change.

Ethan - This dude is really REALLY athletic and is working on getting his eyes and height fixed (it could be a long year...). He is a natural stud and really funny. A lot of people love being around this athlete. He plays on a Super League baseball league, and is the youngest on his team which competes all over Utah. He plays for Lone Peak Knights - which is excellent - and is one stud! One of my good friends younger sisters has been in Ethan's class since we've lived here and she just loves him. Who knew?
Emma - The drama queen! Always on her toes, and being her fiesty, whiney, competitive, anxious little self, it's hard to get through to her. I think Isabel has been a bit in her way. For the best two months, every time someone tries to get Izzie to smile or calls her cute, Emz immediately storms out of the room screaming, "You don't think I'm cute! Call me cute, too!" It's a constant battle we don't really want to fight. On the up side, Emma has started kindergarten (not all day.. poo) and is loving life. She has started to take a turn from her usual grumpy self and I guess fall is starting to take its toll on her.
Isabel - 4 and a half months of pure squishy JOY! This little pixie is as cute as anything - and she knows it! She has got bright blue eyes that are CONSTANTLY open, and a funny little smirk, and about the cutest laugh known to man. The "crying stage" has past and now she is happy and energetic and smiley. Recently she has been sort of sick and needs to be gaining a bit more than she is, but due to her sickness it's been hard for her. Nonetheless, we love our little busybody girl.

i have so much to post!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alpine Days Cheerleading has left me hanging. I just posted about the Alpine and Highland parades. It was soooo much fun (after a few comments from Ramon Beck). Alpine was a heck of a lot better since everyone could make it. Our team threw some tucks and handsprings and even a stunt (extension lib show-and-go, if you know what I'm talking about)