Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Little Lamb Family

The Growing Kids
The Kids on the Dock
Tal, Ethan, Lisa
Rob and Lisa
Emma and Me

The Glory (Continued)

Ethan...handsomer everyday, and just the most huggable thing in the world (if he let's you...)
Talmage...coolest kid ever, and extremely active and nice.
Emma...sweet, charming, and irresistable at every angle
Addison... strong, smart, and hard-working in everything she does.

We have such a bold, strengthening family with so much curiosity and power. We love each other dearly and appreicate the company of others. But, most of all, our family consists of one word:


One Beautiful Family...

I finally got the pictures on here...Ethan is the most handsome dude ever.

Together Forever
The beauty of the smile
Just as sweet as apple pie...
Looking better everyday...
Sisterhood assured...