Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here's one way to spend an exciting, Twilight-adventured Friday at the movie theatre!! It all started on Tuesday night, when I was at my friends house. A bunch of us were there, planning a huge celebration. Well, a celebration. The next day (Wednesday) we decided to take on another adventure - shopping. We went to the University mall and shopped for hours, trying to decide the perfect movie apparel. We finally agreed on leg warmers (black) and some handy arm warmers. Colorful, cute, and trendy. Our shopping was done after a small meal and some chatting. When we got back to my friends house, we practiced our cheer routine on her front lawn a couple of times, then my mom picked me up. But the party doesn't end there. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at Ali and Steve's and got to see Matt and Corie along with Scott and Suzanne and their families. Perfect. Wait, I am NOT finished.

After some bustling of getting home, packing the extra food in the fridge, and changing into pajamas, I got a phone call from my friend Kaitlyn saying I could come over and decorate. "Decorate what? It's Thanksgiving!" "Decorate shirts for Twilight". Aw, yes. The next day was Twilight. So my dad drove me over for a late night, and we painted shirts. Mine read "I <3>

Finally, I went home, got some rest (very little though... see what excitement can do to you?) and woke up at nine. I was supposed to be over at my friends house, wearing my shirt and leg and arm warmers, with crazy makeup and my hair in a side ponytail by eight-thirty. Oh well. When I got there, I ate some crepes and we were on the road.

On our way there, my other friend called and asked if she could join the fun. Of course! So finally we got EXCELLENT SEATS - pre ordered tickets - near the middle on the theatre, in the center spot. Bingo. The lights dimmed, the movie started. I was about to SCREAM!!!!!

My final review: it was FANTASTIC. The previews I thought that the Edward couldn't be the right guy but GUESS WHAT??? I was wrong!! He was perfect - both Bella and Edward did a great job. All the characters were very well casted. I was so HAPPY!!!! I highly recommend this movie to all!!! It's so sweet and funny!!!