Sunday, October 5, 2008

Abouts: Lewis Ethan

Since Ethan's birthday is today, I thought we might as well tell you seven things about this little hunk that you may not know:

1. His life is revolved around playing baseball. Seriously. His dream, his direction, and his motive is pretty revolved around the spectacles of baseball. Of course, you can't deny his inevitable love for all sports, but if I were specifically going to pick out one, it's baseball. When we were in the South, he was trained by his brother, who is continuing to raise him in a baseball world. He ended up pitching and striking out nine-year-olds, and once a eighth-grader. He is very, VERY competitive.
2. Camping is one of his favorite activities to do. Whenever we announce a camping trip (one that we aren't hosting, because of course, we are new to the whole "camping in Utah" thing...just wait!) he is the first one in and out of the car, and is always ecstatic about fishing, riding four-wheelers, playing baseball....ANYTHING! He just loves to go camping, and is always the first to call the tent.
3. He's short. Very, very short. When he was younger, we got him tested and took him to numerous doctors because of his small size. He is still pretty short for his age, but is continually growing and isn't afraid to face people taller than him. For such a small guy, he's got a HUGE heart and competitive streak.
4. He loves Stars Wars and Indiana Jones. He's obsessed with seeing and watching the movies, getting the action figures and toys that go alongside. For Halloween, he's going to be Indiana Jones, something we aren't sure how to dress through.
5. He's really good with kids. Whenever he sees a little baby or toddler, etc, he always asks to hold them or is very nice about playing with them. He turns into such a sweet little boy whenever a kid's around. Although he is one himself, he somehow turns a light on inside his heart and becomes such a great, cute little baby-sittin' boy.
6. He is fast. When I say this, I mean just a tenth of a second behind Talmage...which is crazy insane! For his age and height, he can beat whoever you want him to. Weightlessly flying through the air. That's our E-Man!
7. He can't take a loss. So that's why he's a winner.
We love you, Lewis! Happy 7th birthday!