Sunday, March 29, 2009

David Archuleta Concert!

Best.... night... ever! This Friday was David Archuleta's only Utah Concert on his tour. And where was I during this wonderful event? I was at the E Center in downtown Salt Lake - Row 6, sitting perfectly there, listening to every song, including songs performed by two other singers that nobody cared about (oops.. that was mean)
I didn't think that life could get better! Hearing tons of his songs being performed that I live for! Every night before I go to bed it's him that I listen to on my iPod... EVERY NIGHT...
I was in heaven! My heart melted at the very beginning when he opened with two of my all time favorites, "Touch My Hand" and "Barriers". Then he stopped his opening and yelled really loud into the microphone, "UTAH!!!!!!" the concert was phenomenal. Every song he sang, including a medley which he incorporated Love Song and A Thousand Miles were two songs he dominated, including a sneak preview at his new song, Zero Gravity. The girls I were with were screaming and howling! I felt that I could reach out and touch his hand! He's so sweet and innocent, and is an *amazing* singer when he's live.. truly incredible. He had a duet with Kara DioGuardi, but since she was in California that night, he performed with a different girl. Next time David comes to town, I'm so going!
After the concert was supposedly "over" (11:00 pm, and I was still on my feet screaming!) he ran back out and sat down on the piano. His anchore was I'm Yours, by Jason Mraz. In that song, there's a swear word. David substituted the word and as soon as he did, the crowd went WILD. I was laughing, thinking, "only in Utah...."

He seemed grateful to be back in his hometown, and I was grateful to recieve such a thrilling oppurtunity! Next year, David's MY birthday present!