Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lake to the Powell 2009

I love Lake Powell.. every second I am there it is like a sore addiction. Luckily we have a close circle of relatives kind enough to open the oppurtunity to experience such a wonderful trip with them for us. So, thanks Kristen and Robert for letting us in on this wondeful adventure! I look forward to next summer very much :-) Here's the houseboat we stayed in. It's really nice and so great to have family members that we love so dearly let us stay with them in it. Aahh!!
These were our "toys"- two jet skiis and a ski boat. We spent the majority of our time wakeboarding anyway. It was all too much fun!

Ah, of course, the slide. Where would we be without it??

Dad's brother and sister-in-law, Mitch and Nicole watched Emma (thank you SOO much!!) So that left our little newborn Isabel. Izzie had a great time, with all the cousins and family membes goggling over her and Roman. Oh baby!

Here's me on the slide. :-) Like I said, WAYYY too much fun!

Liz, Brian, Capt. Bob (aka, Uncle Robert), Steven and Heather spent their evening talking by the boat. Oh, such nice weather!

Sequence became the ultimate game- everyone played, everyone experienced it. Ethan became addicted.
Julianne, Rachel, Ethan, me

This trip was also so relaxing. SOOO relaxing. Almost amazingly perfect. To me, this trip was perfected. Quiet peace, amazing perfection... ahh! I can't get over it. I started up at half of Harry Potter 7 and finished it.. and wakeboarded, jet skii'd, tubed, and swam... see? R..E...L..A..X

Since none of the McGhie cousins could come that were my age, Heather's two younger sisters, Julianne and Rachel, came along. It was fun to have such nice girls to hang out with the entire time.
Addie (13), Julianne (17), and Rachel (14)

Lake Powell was phenomonal! I have yet to post pictures and footage of Tal and I wakeboarding... it was all too much fun.
Thanks to all!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bumbo and Belle

We have finally got Isabel on enough head control to take on the bumbo seat. Rock on. So far, she is liking the chair with the exception of only sitting peacefully in it if the tv is on. However, it is starting to grow on her. This is her first experience in the bumbo chair- as you can see, it's not going so smoothly. Not yet, at least. We tried to get a smile out of her. But she acted like we were the mafia.
Ah, still no dice.

Someday, Izzie!

Isabel's lullaby

I play Bella's Lullaby for our little Belle (we don't call her bella- but it would fit anyway!)
There are two versions for Bella's lullaby- the movie version, and the almost-movie version. Both are great songs and fortunately I can play them both on the piano. Luckily, Isabel listens to them both and only falls asleep to those lullabies. It's great to see her appreciation for music at such a young age!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Movie Review: Harry Potter 6

So this morning an 8:45AM my friends drug me out of bed to go see this movie. I went with Brianne Jackson, Gabi Isrealsen, Kaitlyn Conlee, and Taylor-Ann Barton.
I was impressed!
I haven't read the book since I was at least ten so the details cleared up for me big time! It was a pretty good movie- I thought by far the fifth was scarier, though. There is only one creepy part, so no worries. On Monday my family is going to see it together. I am glad that I got to see it- I won't regret it. Now I have to read the 7th! Yes, I never read it but I sort of want to now.
We always go see the newest and greatest movies together- now I can't wait for New Moon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our boy, Snaggle

After much attempt, Ethan finally got rid of one of his top teeth. Due to this, he is officially dubbed with the title of "snaggle". We constantly make fun of him, but he's good about it and laughs along with us. Took a look at the E man! Now he's gotta pull out that other one and get rid of his nickname!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


No, this isn't the marathon you were thinking about when you read the title... this is Ethan's way to prepare himself for the new Harry Potter movie! For some insane reason, he has been obsessing over the movies. It started with one little innocent preview of Half-Blood Prince, and he took off at 100mph running his mouth about "having to see it!"
So my mom told him that she would let him see it- but only if we saw all the other ones first to get what's going on. Ethan was all for it. So, to count, this past month we have this record:
Sorcerer's Stone: 1
Chamber of Secrets: 6
Prisoner of Azkaban: 4
Goblet of Fire: 2
Order of the Pheonix: 1
We don't have Order of the Pheonix, but got to watch it over in Heber Valley one night. Ethan is LOVING this! When Tal got back from BYU Baseball Camp, he awarded Ethan with Sorcerer's Stone. He was up on cloud nine!I felt like the posters for the 5th and 6th movies were a bit dramatic for the blog...

So we started out "official" marathon.
We have already watched the first 2 and now onto the 3rd.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Izzie's blessing

Such a beauiful blessing for such a powerful, beautiful little soul... officially named Isabel Ann Lamb (without controversy) Her father gave her such a touching, sweet blessing.

Thanks to all who came to support our little angel. She did great and the Spirit was felt strongly in the meeting.

Lamb Family 09: Heber Valley Reunion

This Independance Day weekend we went to Heber Valley to have our last family reunion before Kyson leaves for his misson. It was so fun- more of a relaxing trip, but well worth the time and effort. We stayed in a HUGE cabin (two stories high, and two stories deep=four floors altogether) that had 8 bedrooms and a nice layout. It was a really adventurous trip!

Below is me and Hailey on our last day. She said to Sarah, "hey, mom, can i get a picture with Addie?" I love this girl! There was the foursome that always stayed together-

Lizzy, Emma, and Rachel.. we are missing Arden in this picture :-(

The little girls in the hot tob. This became quite a hit after it was opened.

(Hailey, Lizzy, Emma, Rachel)

We saw a ton of animals hanging everywhere throughout the house. The main attraction (or I guess, the main scare) was the bear in the front room. I'll post that in a moment...

Nate and Chelsea got the master bedroom. Personally, I'd hate to be in there! There was a small cougar overhanging their bed. Nice pair of eyes to watch you in your sleep...


A little more of the huge bucks in the game room...

Me, Morgan, and Hailey put on a little "preschool" surprise for the younger girls. Audrey had singing time and a puppet show, and I was the secretary and the desk clerk and helped them sign in and set up. They had a great time, but it was extremely difficult to keep their attention. We lasted 10 minutes before they ran their seperate ways.

A bunch of little kids attempted to set up traps to catch the dozens of squirrels (I mean, dozens) that wondered around the backyard. They tried everything- empty soda cans, boxes, duct tape.. their attempt was the only thing that seemed to work. Their success...didn't. But it's okay. They had a jolly good time setting up their traps.

Such a beautiful world we live in...

L-R: Aunt Lizzy, Chelsea, Audrey, Ali, Chris, me, Nicole.

We played round after round of Nerts, and in the end, team Addie and Nicole striked victorious. Well played, team!

Mitch and Nate made such an effort to get us out there before we say goodbye to Kyson. It was so much fun- everything, even the endless rounds of pool and air hockey; the delicious home-cooked meals; the kayaking on the Uinta Overlook; Kyson's hilarious fall and Mitch's fear of cold water; and all of the intense games that never failed to impress.

What a vacation indeed!
We had the entire gang there night 1, but missed out on Mike and Mandy, and said goodbye the next day to Matt and Corie and Katie and Tom and their kids.

All in all, two thumbs up.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cheer Camp: Day 1

CHEER CAMP was like a month ago but I guess I can tell you now that it was really crazy.
Anna and Sarah Richey coached us. They got to show off their double fulls and outstanding toe touches *(but they didn't)*
We learned our competition dance! It was really fun, and I got to base with Maren, as Ashley in flyer and Katie Neeleman, my own cousin, as back spot! I really had a great time and our dance is super fun. I'm sick of posting all my cheer stuff. I don't even have pictures to prove all this stuff! But I will someday (maybe when the season starts).
So....cheer camp day 2 rocked. The end.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anziano Shelley è a casa

Last week on tuesday Elder (anziano) Steven Shelley came home from his Italy Catania mission. Kristen is done with the missionaries! And now we can take a break from the farewells and homecomings too! Until Kyson!
It was great that our beloved cousin came home. It was very suspending when he came down the escalator! So many tears and camera flashes and EEK! just so much to keep track of.. it was a really exciting time. Nick wanted to be the first to welcome his younger brother home....but Stevo was busy hugging other family members to notice! So.. Nick put on a show.

Great to have the mish back! Nice work in the field, Anziano Shelley!

(oh, and Melissa and Liz, I stole these off your blogs. Thanks!)