Saturday, February 7, 2009

Funny Moment

I was sitting on the computer doo-dah-ing through my blogs past, and Emma was nearby me playing with her tea set in a pioneer dress. I was a little bored, and since I was texting someone, my phone vibrated nearby.

Without hesitation, Emma said, "Addie?"

And although I was barely paying attention to her I responded, "Yes?!"

and she turned to me and put her hands on her hips and said, "Your phone needs you."

Going Private!

We're making our blog private to reduce the watchful eye from stalkers. Last time we tried this, it didn't work out. If you'd like to be invloved in this privitization, leave your email and we'll try to make this work. Not many family members visit our blog, so if you don't comment with your email then I'm sorry, you most likey won't be selected to view it :(

Thanks for the understanding and we'll try to make this work!