Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gotta Lotta Girls Camp??

Finally, home from Girls Camp! We went canoeing (more "canoe-tipping"), hiking, playing tricks on each other at night (from TPing tents, to shaving cream in sleeping bags...), eating TONS of nothing but HEALTHY-NESS, and Secret Sister (which wasn't too successful for me). After two days, you want to come home. Especially if it's WAY cold, you've got the WORST case of laryngitis and you get the Camp Frog Award, and you're tented with only Mia Maids and NO Beehives. Yeah, that's camp! But hey they managed to make it fun and worth it. It's right up in Tibble Fork and Mutual Dell which is YEAH fifteen minutes away from my house. No, no homesickness. No paranoia like the dramatic weekend before where YEAH I had a major anxiety attack in a tent. Nope, nothing. So, as far as I'm concerned, camp was easy for the first-years!


Boy, I love photobooth...

Photo 1- Addie and Maddie (twins)
Photo 2- Squarehead and BEAUTIFUL
Photo 3- Whoa, an alien from mars!! :)
Photo 4- Only you can prevent forest fires!
Photo 5- Tal and Addie LOVE photo booth!

If you don't have a Mac, you NEED ONE. That's my word of advice. We've taken over two thousand Photobooth pics. Ouch!