Saturday, May 30, 2009

Awards Ceremony: Soccer: U13 Champions

Top Row: Addi Black, Jessica Jensen, Coach Brooke Thulin, Ally Forshee, Hannah Madsen
Second Row: Sophie, Kennedy, Hannah Dehlin, Annie Deere, Courtney McDaniel, Hannah Georg
Bottom Row: ME AND GABI :) :) :)
Brooke giving me my award. I got MVP Offense :) thanks Brooke!

Us with our awards (Addi, holy cow!)

L-R: Addi Black, Ally Forshee, Me, Gabi Israelsen. Gabi and I were totally hyper the entire time, but in this picture it was me and Addi who gave my mom creeper looks. There was soda and the party! I couldn't resist! Haha :)

Soccer: U13 Champions

My soccer season just ended :( It's been great fun and I had a wonderful experience playing with such AMAZING girls! Better yet, my coach was and still an incredible coach and player and she pushed us and made us really good this season. I'm proud of my team and all the girls and I will miss you guys all this next season for whoever isn't doing Utah FC! I made the team and will be playing up U14. Here's some action shots of my last game. It was close and I scored a goal, and it was sad to say good-bye to the team..for the day :(

Love you all!

Dance Concert

Emma had her first ever dance concert on May 16th. She did great on her two cute dances, Thumblina and April Showers {both classic Diz songs!} The whole gang came, including Izz and Aunt Kristen! Thanks so much for coming! Emma enjoyed the support. Getting ready to dance with cousin Jessica Neeleman. Great job girlies!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2WK. Checkup

Isabel got her checkup done today and all looks great! She is at around 8lbs. 7oz or something, which is still smaller than Emma was at birth, but it's good that she's growing.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toddlers and Tiaras

The other day I slept over with my friend Aly LaComb (Rachel and Tim's daughter) and she introduced me to this show - Toddlers and Tiara's...I must say I was SHOCKED! And not in a good way! Little helpless girls that are Emma's age get plucked away from a normal, at-home life and are turned into modeling divas. We watched a particular episode about some Texas competition. One mother was insane! Her daughter was Taralyn, she was an only child (hence, the glitz), and her mother prep'd her in so many absurd ways like:
-flippers for her teeth. they covered her tiny baby teeth and made them look pro.
-airbrush and tanning...and the lady at the office desk saw her walk in and looked at her like, you've got to be kidding me.
-makeup which was OVERLOADED. She looked completely fake and I was almost gagging.
But what shocked me even more was her mother. That lady was OBSESSED. The family was clearly rich - living in a huge, Barton-like monstrosity, with one child, paying extreme cash to get dresses, clothes, and makeup and tanning o.d.'s, and completely spoiling their little daughter. Unreal.
Again, that mother was crazy. Probably in her later 40s, and forcing her child around like a dog. The dance routine she had her learn could win her a spot on Dancing With the Stars..she was insane! Both Aly and I were shocked beyond words.
But another thing about this show was that I wasn't just completely against was good. I mean, horrible what these ladies do to their children, but the show in general pleased me!
*****another thing: there was a mother on the show who put her two young boys in, because she wished they were girls. She described them as, "the girls she never had"...I cracked up at the thought that her "boys" will grow up a little on the gay side ;)
In general, it wasn't bad, just horrific looking at those little girls..

Monday, May 25, 2009


The Lewis family kindly invited us to spend a few hours burning calories up in the mountains. So, of course, we hiked the Y. Today was a crazy day and the trail was extremely busy, but we managed to enjoy it. Eeep!

Here's the view from the car. I snapped a few shots just to remind myself how tiny the Y actually is from a distance. Yes, I know what's coming :)

Here's the pre-hike. Yes, pre-hike. Cars were parked all down the road and I'm pretty sure that just tacked on an extra mile to our list :) oh, PS, happy Memorial Day!

Tal and Jake joined the 30-Minute Club getting to the top. They ran like dogs! I must say, during that entire thing, I didn't break a sweat or even gasp for air like I was dying. I have endured much worse. But, when Sarah and I found the boys already sitting at the top of the Y, we were shocked! Well, in terms, I was. He was really excited to show me his giddy face for this picture. Lovely!!

Sorry it's all mixed up - this is the "Y" gate at the beginning of the trail. Go, Cougs!

I tried to get a good picture of my dad walking with Ethan. They trudged alongside the entire time and got in some great father-son bonding. And now I can prove to all you Arizona people that YES it's green and snow-less here! Beat THAT! :) :) :) Sitting on the Y - we were on the very tippy top! Sarah and I had to literally climb from the very base of the "Y" all the way to the very top ledge and just sit there. At first I was pretty disappointed, but glad it all worked out. We got to chill and drink water and chat. It's a really great view, actually.
Look at that! Utah Lake and MORE! I was really proud of myself for accomplishing such a hike. It felt great and the reward (a Roxberry and some Barbarcoa salad..yum!) made the hike well worth my time!! Glad I came! Thanks Lewis fam!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Isabel two weeks!

We had to crop some pictures in order to get ride of the whole "naked baby" thing that was bugging. So here are some of Isabel's two-week pictures that were taken a few days ago. She's beautiful! This last one describes her personality and the one of her smiling is just too cute to ignore :) enjoy!!

Isabel Ann

I made it this morning - it's not her birth announcement, I was just playing around to see what I could come up with. It's not bad, is it? Happy two weeks on Monday, Izzie!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome home Izzie!

Yesterday Baby Izzie came home for the first time! She was so cute in her little homecoming outfit, and slept soundfully the entire car ride. Suzanne brought over some paints and poster paper and we got busy making this beautiful banner (we as in I)...Emma added her mark on the sidelines, as you can see, and everyone eagerly signed their name. Cute huh? Here's her little homecoming getup. It's so cute how small she looks in this carseat! Sorry you have to turn your head for this one. Blogger doesn't have image editing? Cum-on!!

When she's awake, she's always trying to pry her head up and look around. When she can't, she's wide eyed and chubby! Who do you think she looks like?!?!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Isabel Ann Lamb

Here are some of the ins-and-outs between Izzie's labor story. She was a very good baby - still good, avid sleeper, short and chubby :) just the way we like them! --yes, her official name is Isabel Ann.
--she's got bird legs, and a chubby face, and she's already smiling :)
--she was born exactly May 11, 2009 5:54pm
--she's beautiful, but is always really sleepy :(
--she enjoys being held, cradled, and wrapped up.
--she's not even a full day old! :-O

My mom got induced at 9:30, and between 3pm-4pm dropped to a 6. At 5:54 she had a beautiful baby girl! What more can you say about that?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello, Baby!

May 11, 2009 at 5:54 pm a little angel came down from heaven to join our family. Although this precious baby has no name yet, we are ecstatic to welcome such a beautiful baby girl.
She has a wicked loud scream, and a beautiful little face...Kristen and I are almost 90% sure we saw her even smile a little bit :)
She weighed in at 7 lbs, 12 oz and is 19 inches long (aka, short and chubby!)
My mommy went in at about 9:30 this morning, and waited all day. We'll release more deets about this beauty when we confirm a name. Please suggest names, too! You know what we want--now we're trying to fight for which name is right. Isabelle, or Rebecca? (my vote is Isabelle..she has pretty dark hair, and fair skin. She'll be an Izzie for sure!)
thanks SOOO much!!!
the lamb family

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mothers Day to all! I just want to emphasize some of the great things about my mom, this being her last day of pregnancy!
--she's strong. Through all the tough times, and the times when all we had to hold onto was each other, she's been the rock through all of it. I will say that she isn't the laidback mother, and consists on getting things done ASAP, but I admire her will and strength and her desire to raise a righteous family in the Gospel. There have been extremely tough times, especially recently through her pregnancy, but thru it all she refuses to a) let her children see her cry, and b) show weakness. I have a great amount of respect for the way she treats us and how strong she is.
---she's beautiful. Her power and grace in how she accomplishes tasks is ultimately beautiful. She shows effort and takes care of herself to allow beauty to be enticed, or invited in.
----she has worthy values, both spiritually and thru her motherhood. She shows a leading and valuable example, and encourages us every day to live up to worthy standards, as well. She expects: a clean home, a family thriving on the Gospel, every room filled with spiritual existence, and laughter and smiles. Without her constant urge to become better and a more spirit-led household, we would not have values to live up to.
-----she shows love to her husband and children. Not that she doesn't show anyone else love - she does - but being her close, inside family, she tries to make our purpose on Earth visible to us. I've heard that "it's a mothers future that makes her children bright"... I have come to realize that my mother does that to us. Her love shown is bright, and invites us to participate in a lively, freeing future. We look forward to the climb with every step counted. The love that she shows her husband is clearly undeniable - without him in this world, we would not be here. To make up for his presence, she shows a limitless amount of love and compassion to everyone - friends, family, and strangers alike.
------she is willing to make sacrifices for her children and family members. I owe a great deal of respect to her for possesing this value. It's not everyday that you see compassionate family members making everyday sacrifices for their loved ones. But what you see in my mother is different - she makes sacrifice look easy and painless. She enjoys feeling the spirit so much, that she is insistant on making sacrifices. I respect that highly.
-------she brought us to the earth. Each one of us in this family was born to loving parents that appreciate our company and make us feel welcome.
She has said before, "you'll never love me as much as I love you." I can't wait until I'm a mother to see what's it like!
I love you Lisa McGhie Lamb! You're the greatest!
your family

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was hectic - these pictures don't even do it justice! Aside from the business calls, late dinners, television shows, and relaxation, we were eating up every chance we could get to spend some quality time together. Henceforth the Easter egg hunt, egg-decorating session at Kristens, Hannah Montana movie, and Easter Day dinner. For squeezing all that in a three-day timeslot, we're considered LUCKY.
First off was the Lamb family easter egg hunt at the Rose's. Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Scott can throw quite a party! At first nobody seemed too interested in ditching the backyard and heading to the front to give us some time to hide the eggs, but after much persistance, they were off. Talmage did exact calculations to see who-got-how-many, and without a flurry, the competition began. here's us on Easter day. How cute!! Two minutes before church, straggling around, yelling and screaming. I don't know about you, but I DETEST being late to things. It's embarassing and you feel like an idiot walking in even twenty seconds into it. Ugh!
But otherwise, we're cute and sweet and this picture is adorable :)
Here's the little girls at the Easter Egg hunt. We had to comment on how a) everyone is wearing pink or a very close shade of pink..and b) how it resembles the Cingular bars!
L-R: Susan Lamb, Arden Lamb, Rachel Rose, Emma Lamb.. cute cousins!!

This picture is irresistable: Ethan and Emma are so darned cute!!

Aside from that, our Friday was spent at Kristens decorating eggs! We love dying easter eggs - it's such a thrill and too much fun for the kids. Kristen is a great aunt! And we all got to see baby Roman! Melissa is one heck of a mother!
During their fun hour, I was at the Hannah Montana movie with my friends, Kaitlyn, Hannah, Cebrina, Taylor-Ann, and Jessica. Thanks girls!!

Birthday Overload!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Two very special chillings TRANSFORMED!! Our crazy current baby girl (Emma.) and the extremely slick second-oldest (Tal).
I love this picture - it shows a) how TAN Tal is! and b) how they really are - Tal's basketball jersey, Emma's pioneer dress and apron with semi-curled hair (she runs out in the middle of my beautician business..UGH!!). These two kiddos took a giant leap! Tal got his Arrow of Light (post for another time), and Emma just got closer to being a TEENAGER. Wow, that sounded scary! Sorry, Mom, I know that's just a little too much for you. I mean, she's only five! I didn't get a birthday pic on my Mom's camera, but I have mine here so here's a little preview about Emma:
-she's fiesty
-she's crazy
-she won't back down unless she gets things done HER way
-if she doesn't get things her way...she just throws a GIANT fit until you give it to her.
-she's hilarious
Tal turned the big 11! On April 6! (PS, Emma was April 30th)
The cake DOES say "Happy 11th Homey!!"
we couldn't exactly find any other theme, so we stuck with the whole gangster thing. Tal was pretty psyched about it :) it was a great cake --chocolate, of course-- and Tal enjoyed the day.

Here's T posing with his ultimate favorite toy, his Nintendo DS (he's been begging!)
The DS was pricey, so he didn't get too many other presesnts, but had a great day and we're glad he's one year older! AGAIN--another boy almost a teenager!! Just wait!!

Phases, Stages, Faces?

Dun-du-du-dun!! Please brace yourself for the daily phases/stages/faces of Emma! Semi bipolar, I assume. Her recent mixed feelings have given my entire family whiplash..what a character! It's all fun and games until...well, you know.
1) Angry/Didn't-Get-What-I-Want: This is a classic! We've been toppled over by this face for the past five years (did I mention that Em turned five?). It's her angry face, or simply the didn't-get-what-i-wanted face that really leaved us confused. How does she pull that off? 2) Ditsy!: this one is something we exhibit almost every day. If not more, of course. Emma's extremely psychotic (in a very good way!). This face just proves that she is "ditsy and quirky and beyond girly"... we usually get this face when she's trying to get out of something.

3) The Emma Face: This is just Emma being.. Emma..
There's only three?? Well, trust me, there's MANY more.. I just don't have the time and energy. Oops!

Some Emma-isms?
1) "no mommy. it was the baby--not me!"
2) "i just want somebody to understand me!"
3) "addie--get me an orange or you're FIRED"
4) "addie, your phone wants you!"
5) "get that corn outta my face!" (that one is from Nacho Libre. We're admirable.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two More Weeks!

My mom has two weeks of her pregnancy left! Time flies! But really.. can you believe that on May 13th (or possibly later or earlier) we will have a beautiful little girl? Name suggestions please! :) Thanks we're so excited.