Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you believe it????!!!!!!

Here's my say to the story: I woke up on Saturday late in the day thinking it was about 9:00, because through my window, there was no sun. Assuming that it was early, I went back to sleep. About two seconds into laying there, I hear a high-pitched, "ADDIE LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW". I turned down the offer and tried to fall asleep. But those brothers are restless and whether or not you're snoozing to your hearts content, they have no caring whatsoever because THEY NEVER SLEEP. So you might as well just go from one in the morning to, say, about 6:45.
So, long story short, they stormed in and took me to the window. Joy.
But instead of storming off in distress, I screamed. Why?? Because....when you wake up to this, you have no choice but to freak your insides out.
For me, this is just the beginning. For the boys, this is heaven.
I, for one, can wait until AFTER Halloween.
These boys say they want it now, and forever. Just go move to Alaska.
Here you are!!!!!!
Well, whatta you know?? Life has surprises.....little ones, big ones.

This is what kind of "beauty" everyone wants to wake up to on a Sunday morning, right? I am taking this pitures from the inside. There's no way I am going out there...